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Ted Parker Wife Victoria ‘Vickie’ Stone Parker, Daughter Chandra Lee & Son Christopher Lynn

Ted Parker Wife: Teddy ‘Ted’ Dale Parker, the well-renowned businessman, has passed away at the age of 71. Ted was married to Victoria ‘Vickie’ Stone Parker.

Victoria 'Vickie' Stone Parker
Victoria ‘Vickie’ Stone Parker, Wife Of Ted Parker (Source: Benchmark Realty)

Teddy ‘Ted’ Dale Parker was a prominent entrepreneur, born on January 6, 1953, in Robeson County, North Carolina.

In the 1980s, he founded Ted Parker Home Sales, a successful venture that generated millions from selling manufactured homes.

Prior to becoming a prominent figure in the mobile home industry, he supposedly spent his early years as the son of tobacco farmers and gained experience working for Bonanza Homes.

Despite his parents working as tobacco farmers, Parker had a longstanding involvement in the real estate industry.

Unfortunately, in 1998, his mobile home business faced financial challenges, leading to bankruptcy and subsequent sale to a General Electric affiliate.

At that point, he shifted his focus to land development, undertaking the construction of subdivisions in his native state.

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Ted Parker Wife Victoria ‘Vickie’ Stone Parker, Daughter Chandra Lee & Son Christopher Lynn

Ted Parker Wife: North Carolina millionaire and former owner of Ted Parker Home Sales, Ted Parker left his wife, Victoria ‘Vickie’ Stone Parker.

There is limited public information available about her on social media platforms. The couple had two children, a daughter Chandra Lee, and a son Christopher Lynn.

The family was once the owner of a prestigious 13,000-square-foot mansion situated on the outskirts of Lumberton.

Following his bankruptcy, he sold the expansive 115-acre property to Chinese investors, and its estimated value in 1999 was $19 million.

Ted Parker Used To Own 13,000-square-foot Mansion In Lumberton
Ted Parker Used To Own A 13,000-square-foot Mansion In Lumberton (Source: The US Sun)

The mansion itself was crafted by a Swiss woodworker who drew inspiration from a Puerto Rican resort.

It featured chandeliers originally designed for Michael Bolton. The luxurious property boasted six bedrooms, a home theater, an elevator, and two boat ramps. Among its amenities were a sauna and ten bathrooms.

Parker successfully developed the property after establishing his mobile home company in 1980.

However, in 1998, he sold the same business to General Electric and Ardshiel. Unfortunately, Ted faced a setback when his organization went bankrupt in 1999, coinciding with the peak of mobile home sales.

The bankruptcy resulted in the closure of 42 dealerships and the unfortunate layoff of 375 employees.

In order to sustain himself, Ted Parker made a career shift to become a land developer, focusing on the creation of subdivisions along the coastal areas.

Ted Parker Dies By Suicide At The Age Of 71

Ted Parker Wife: On January 9, 2024, the former millionaire, Ted Parker, passed away at his residence in Calabash, North Carolina.

People close to him revealed that he had been contending with various health issues before his death.

Ted Parker, the millionaire, died at the age of 71. Reports indicate that the former owner of the Lumberton mansion passed away on Tuesday, January 9, with law enforcement confirming that the cause of death was suicide.

News reported that the Robeson County police responded to Ted Parker’s residence and discovered him deceased from a self-inflicted fatal injury.

Authorities confirmed his death as an apparent suicide. It was disclosed that the millionaire was grappling with depression and anxiety at the time of his passing.

Meanwhile, The Robesonian reported that Parker had been dealing with an undisclosed medical condition in recent years.

Describing his personality, a friend who opted to remain anonymous shared in an interview:

Everybody loved him. He had an infectious personality. He smiled and cut up all the time. He was a legend. He was just the best. He was good at it. He was the hardest-working man I ever met. Day and night. All the time up until the time he died, he was that way. Even as a sick man, he worked like a dog.

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