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Is Isabella Strahan Married? Insight Her Private Life & Cancer Diagnosis

Is Isabella Strahan Married? As of 2024, Isabella Strahan is unmarried and has no husband. However, she is in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend named, Korbin Pettigrew.

Michael Strahan's Daughter Isabella Strahan
Michael Strahan’s Daughter Isabella Strahan (Source: Instagram)

Isabella Strahan, a blossoming luminary in the fashion world, seems to have inherited her father Michael Strahan’s charismatic flair.

Born on October 28, 2004, Isabella has swiftly carved her niche in the modeling realm. In a dazzling debut in April 2022, she graced Sherri Hill’s runway, an event that left her father brimming with pride.

Michael Strahan couldn’t contain his joy, expressing it on Instagram, capturing the sheer delight of witnessing his daughter excel in her passion.

It seems Isabella is destined for greatness, having secured representation with Women 360 in N.Y.C.

Fast forward to January 2024, and Isabella Strahan achieved another milestone with her inaugural major campaign for Sephora.

Michael, the proud “Girl Dad,” gushed over his daughter’s accomplishment, sharing snippets of the stunning campaign on social media.

Beyond the glamorous facade of the runway, Isabella is a diligent student at the University of Southern California, having earned her high school diploma from the Convent of the Sacred Heart.

Michael, ever the supportive father, celebrated her academic achievements with heartfelt messages on Instagram, encapsulating the multifaceted brilliance of his daughter.

As Isabella continues to dazzle both on and off the catwalk, her journey unfolds as a testament to the talent, intellect, and constant support of a proud father.

Is Isabella Strahan Married? Insight Her Private Life

Is Isabella Strahan Married? Isabella Strahan, the 19-year-old daughter of Jean Muggli and Michael Strahan, is currently balancing love and distance within her family.

While the winds of matrimony haven’t yet swept her away, she’s embarked on a journey of romantic symphony with her boyfriend, Korbin Pettigrew.

The world caught a glimpse of their love affair when Isabella unveiled their connection to the universe through a heartfelt TikTok in August 2023.

In the TikTok, the couple swirled in a vast, nocturnal parking lot, clad in matching casual ensembles.

Isabella, with her infectious smile, adorned tiny white shorts and a black crop top. At the same time, Korbin, through his Instagram identity, reciprocated the casual charm in shorts and a baggy tee.

As they skipped into the shadows, laughter echoing, it was evident that miles couldn’t deter their affection.

Is Isabella Strahan Married?
Isabella Strahan With Her Boyfriend Korbin Pettigrew (Source: The Sun)

Isabella, through social media, narrated their love saga – a tale spun across 3000 miles. Not to be outdone, Korbin crafted his own ode to their connection on TikTok.

Set against Billie Eilish’s soulful melody, their love unfolded through a montage of shared moments.

From cozy snuggles in bed to joyous laughter in various locales, the reel painted a canvas of their intimacy.

The grand finale, a gaze locked in Times Square, crowned Isabella as his queen. In Korbin’s poetic proclamation, “Miles are just a number,” love prevails, transcending the barriers of physical separation.

Isabella Strahan might not be donning a wedding gown yet, but her heart is certainly adorned with the jewels of a flourishing romance.

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Isabella Strahan Cancer Diagnosis?

Isabella Strahan, the daughter of Michael Strahan, is currently getting treatment for medulloblastoma, a common type of brain tumor.

The father-daughter duo shared her health update on Good Morning America. She found out about her condition in late October and had emergency surgery to remove the tumor on October 27, just before her 19th birthday.

Isabella is feeling okay and will begin chemotherapy at Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center in North Carolina next month.

Despite the challenges, she remains positive, looking forward to completing the treatment and getting back to normal life.

In an interview, Michael expressed his gratitude for his amazing daughter and the support they’ve received.

Is Isabella Strahan Married?
Michael Strahan’s Daughter Isabella Strahan Discloses Her Battle With Brain Tumor (Source: YouTube)

Isabella first noticed symptoms while starting her freshman year at the University of Southern California.

Initially dismissing it as vertigo, her condition worsened, leading to a thorough checkup and the discovery of a 4-centimeter tumor in her brain.

After surgery, Isabella underwent radiation and rehabilitation, with her twin sister Sophia by her side.

Isabella plans to share her journey through a YouTube series to support Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center.

Reflecting on the experience, Isabella emphasized the importance of perspective and gratitude.

Michael also shared how this situation has changed his outlook on life, highlighting the need for support during challenging times.

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