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Who Is Stephanie Holden From Baywatch? Husband & Kids

Stephanie Holden in Baywatch is a Lieutenant and a heroic lifeguard with excellent swimming, diving, and leadership skills.

Stephanie Holden, the hardworking lifeguard of Baywatch, was one of the best rescuers who was often seen putting others’ needs before her own.

Her mother abandoned her at a very young age. Her father had died in a helicopter crash in the Vietnam War, leading to her phobia of Helicopter.

Holden was just seven years old at the time and so was raised by her grandmother with her younger sister Caroline.

The agile lifeguard first appeared on Baywatch as a replacement for Jill Riley and formed a romantic relationship with Mitch Buchannon. However, the relationship didn’t last long, as Stephanie decided to end it out of nowhere.

Stephanie Holden Baywatch
Alexandra Paul As Lt. Stephanie Holden In Baywatch (Source: Pinterest)

In Season 3, Holden returned to Baywatch as a Lieutenant. She was best known for evaluating the situation and acting effectively to ensure everything was controlled.

Besides that, her First Aid and CPR skills were also top-notch. Likewise, she was an excellent swimmer and diver and excelled at training others. So much so that Holden was Cody Madison’s swimming coach for the Olympics.

Holden died after being crushed by the mast of a ship as she was trying to save the lives of boaters in season 7’s episode Chance Of a Lifetime.

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Who Is Stephanie Holden From Baywatch?

Stephanie Holden in Baywatch was played by an American actress, Alexandra Paul. 

Paul was born to her mother, Sarah, and her father, Mark Paul, on July 29, 1963. She grew up with a twin sister, Caroline Paul, and a younger brother, Jonathan. 

Besides being an actress, Alexandra is a former model, activist, and health coach. In 1982, she debuted as an actress in a television film called Paper Dolls. Likewise, Paul appeared in American Nightmare, a horror movie in 1983. 

Despite starring in various shows and films, Alexandra is best known for Baywatch (1992 to 1997) as Lieutenant Stephanie Holden.

Stephanie Holden Baywatch
Baywatch Season 5 Cast (Source: Pinterest)

Her immense popularity as Holden left fans curious about why she left the show. Alexandra said her decision to leave Baywatch was influenced by her will to do something more creative.

Furthermore, the actress added that she was fed up with the show and felt that it was time for her to move on; hence, she begged to be written out of it.

Additionally, Paul also talked about how the show is not good for young girls as it probably makes them insecure.

Alexandra Paul Husband And Kids

Alexandra Paul got married to her husband, Ian Murray, an actor and writer, on September 16, 2000.

Murray was born on April 24, 1968, in Michigan, U.S. He is best known for Back In Business, Just Add Love, and 10 Attitudes.

Stephanie Holden Baywatch
Alexandra Paul And Ian Murray (Source: Instagram)

Despite being married for more than two decades, the couple do not have any kids. Reportedly, they mutually have decided not to have any children and focus on themselves.

Ian and Alexandra are pet parents to two cats, namely Sam and Simon.

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