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Reesa Teesa Husband: Who Was The TikToker Married To?

TikToker Reesa Teesa, who took TikTok by storm with her mini-series called Who TF did I Marry, was married to a man named Jerome McCoy.

Reesa Teesa, @ReesamTeesa on TikTok, is from Atlanta. She recently started sharing details about her one-year marriage with a pathological liar and how it ended via a mini-series called Who TF Did I Marry?!?

At the time of writing, the series Who TF Did I Marry?!? has a total of 52 parts, each 10 minutes long.

She posted the first TikTok on February 14, 2024, which alone has over 5.7 million views on TikTok as of Feb 20, 2024.

In the video, she gives a disclaimer about what the series is going to be about.

Reesa Teesa Husband
Reesa Teesa Was Married To Jerome McCoy (Source: TikTok)

Furthermore, Teesa gives a little insight and talks about how she dated, married and got divorced, an absolute pathological liar, all in the same year.

She also mentioned how, after the divorce, the TikToker had not kept in touch with her ex-husband even if she sometimes wanted to.

Shedding light on what a pathological liar and narcissist her ex-husband is, she adds that she was a psychology major undergrad.

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Reesa Teesa Husband: Who Was The TikToker Married To?

Even though Reesa described almost every detail of her marriage with her ex-husband, she kept his identity discrete, referring to him as Legion.

However, as more people got invested in the drama, a TikToker named Danni exposed Legion’s real identity on Feb 17, 2024.

Allegedly, Danni @danni_19 on TikTok had many TikTok users reaching out to her, asking to expose Reesa’s ex-husband’s identity.

In the video revealing Legion, Danni shared a Facebook account of a man by the name of Jerome JC Rome McCoy.

Reesa Teesa Husband
Jerome JC Rome McCoy AKA Legion (Source: Facebook)

Furthermore, solidifying her finding, Danni mentioned the detail that adds two and two together.

Reesa had told the viewers that Legion was from Philadelphia and owned WWE merch, and Jerome had the same Philadelphia Eagles hoodie. 

Amidst all the exposing videos, Reesa did not confirm if Jerome was her ex-husband. However, Jerome came forward and confirmed he was the man Reesa was talking about, and the Facebook account was indeed his.

Moreover, he made a TikTok in response to Reesa and said everything she says on TikTok is to cover up the real reason why he left her.

How Did Reesa Tessa Uncover Her Ex-Husband Jerome Was A Pathological Liar?

Reesa had explained the different events leading to Jerome’s pathological liar tendencies. As per her, he told her that he moved to Atlanta for a job and was working as a VP for a condiment company.

He claimed he was loaded, even had a football arena, and would buy Reesa a BMW. 

While they were together, the pandemic hit, and they started living together. Not long after, Reesa got pregnant, and the couple began looking for a new house.

Around this time, Reesa started sensing something was off, as he would always devise some excuse for putting the down payment on the house.

Reesa Teesa Husband
Reesa Called Off Her Marriage With Jerome For Him Being A Pathological Liar (Source: TikTok)

Despite all this, Jerome and Reesa married in January 2021, and slowly, she began decoding the truth.

The TikToker found out Jerome’s social security number was invalid. Later, she even contacted Jerome’s family members, who claimed they cut ties with him long ago, which meant he had been faking phone calls with his brothers the whole time.

Moreover, he was never a VP for a condiment company and lied about his ex-wife and daughter’s death.

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