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Sally Lindsay Parents: Husband, Family & Kids

Sally Lindsay parents, who owned club, stood as the biggest supporter throughout her life and career as an actress.

She is happily married to her husband Steve White, the former drummer of The Style Council and Paul Weller Band. Together, the duo have started their own family and are now proud parents of twin sons.

Born on July 8, 1973, the English actress and TV presenter is known for roles in Coronation Street, Mount Pleasant, and Still Open All Hours.

Sally Lindsay An English Actress And TV Presenter (Source: Instagram)
Sally Lindsay An English Actress And TV Presenter (Source: Instagram)

Sally Jane Lindsay gained early recognition with St Winifred’s School Choir’s chart-topping song in 1980. She studied English at the University of Hull but pursued acting after a play experience.

After Coronation Street, Lindsay voiced Piella Bakewell in Wallace and Gromit’s A Matter of Loaf and Death and won Celebrity Mastermind in 2008. She contributed to BBC Radio 2, launched a DVD, and joined Scallywagga (2010).

She co-developed Scott & Bailey (2011-2018) and starred in Mount Pleasant (2011-2018) and Still Open All Hours (2013-present). Lindsay joined Loose Women in 2011, leaving in 2014.

In theatre, she played Marilyn Monroe in Ella and Meet Marilyn (2006) and starred in A Taste of Honey (2008). She appeared in pantomimes like Sleeping Beauty (2017) and Cinderella (2018/19).

Notable appearances include The Madame Blanc Mysteries (2021) and hosting Tenable (2021). She guest-presented Pointless in 2022.

In addition to her acting career, Lindsay is also a celebrity ambassador for Booktime, an organization promoting a love of reading in children.

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Sally Lindsay Parents: Family

Sally Lindsay, the well-known actress and TV presenter, has a lively personality influenced by a diverse family background.

Although information about her parents is limited, the fact that they owned a club hints at a dynamic atmosphere, likely connected to the entertainment industry.

Likewise, her grandfather, a dedicated railway laborer, emerges as a central figure in her early life, instilling a profound value in education and literature.

His bedtime stories featuring classics like “Treasure Island” and “Heidi” highlight his role as a guardian of knowledge.

Sally Lindsay Parents: Sally Lindsay At Women Of The Year Award (Source: Instagram)
Sally Lindsay At Women Of The Year Award (Source: Instagram)

Sundays at her grandparents’ place gave Lindsay a peek into her formative years, with memorable roasts and the quirky tradition of a four-day boiled cabbage. These family quirks showcase the distinct character of their home.

Beyond her grandparents, Lindsay’s mother, Barbara, played a crucial role despite a demanding schedule, ensuring regular reading sessions.

The warmth in Lindsay’s voice as she recalls shared moments with her brother encapsulates the deep familial bonds that have influenced her journey.

From cherished Sundays to literary traditions, Sally Lindsay’s roots tell a captivating story of familial love and enduring impact.

Sally Lindsay Husband & Kids

The former Coronation Street actress Sally Lindsay has entered the spotlight as the host of ITV’s quiz show Tenable.

Behind the scenes, she is happily married to Steve White, a skilled drummer at the age of 58.

The couple tied the knot in 2013, culminating a decade-long romance, attended by close friends like Gok Wan, Alan Carr, Suranne Jones, and Denise Welch. Steve described it as “personal but simple, emotional and heartfelt.”

Steve started his remarkable musical journey at the age of 17, playing with Paul Weller and The Style Council.

In 1985, he earned the distinction of being the youngest drummer at the legendary Live Aid Concert at Wembley Stadium.

Sally Lindsay Parents: Sally Lindsay With Her Husband And Kids (Source: Instagram)
Sally Lindsay With Her Husband And Kids (Source: Instagram)

Before marrying Sally, Steve White was wed to Hayley Marsh, and they had two children, Kristabel and Curtis.

Sally and Steve, the couple, have twin boys, Vic and Louie. Sally also shares a warm and nurturing bond with her stepchildren, Kristabel and Curtis, from Steve White’s previous marriage.

Reflecting on motherhood, Lindsay expressed how Steve “changed everything for her,” especially considering her initial doubts about having children due to her chosen career.

On Instagram, Sally Lindsay’s husband, describes himself as a “drummer, dad, and husband”, offering glimpses into his roles as a musician, father, and spouse.

Away from the cameras, Lindsay also maintains a notable presence on Instagram, sharing glimpses of her family.

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