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Who Is Sabrina Cardone, Grant Cardone Daughter? Wiki & Age

The celebrity and entrepreneur Grant Cardone daughter, Sabrina Cardone, shared her goal of becoming a millionaire by the age of twenty.

American businessman Grant Cardone, born March 21, 1958, in Lake Charles, Louisiana, is an author, motivational speaker, real estate investor, and sales trainer.

The manager of a $4 billion Private Equity Fund, and the founderĀ of Cardone Ventures, 10X Health System, and 10X Studios is also an investor in sixteen other companies.

Grant Cardone Daughter
Sabrina Cardone With Her Dad Grant Cardone (Source: LinkedIn)

Cardone is the creator of Cardone U, an online learning platform, the author of seven New York Times best-selling business books, and the founder of The 10X Growth Conferences, the largest business conference in the United States.

Apart from his career accomplishments, he is well-known for his commitment to his family and philanthropic endeavors.

Grant Cardone’s wife is model and actress Elena Cardone. Sabrina and Scarlett Cardone are their two daughters.

Grant Cardone is a proud parent, as his daughter Sabrina Cardone has already made a name for herself in the business world.

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Who Is Sabrina Cardone, Grant Cardone Daughter? Wiki & Age

Grant Cardone Daughter: Sabrina Cardone is a stunning and accomplished American personality best known as Grant Cardone’s daughter.

She was born in the United States on May 20, 2009, which makes her 15 years old as of 2024.

On her official Instagram account, @realsabrinacardone, she has more than 83.9k followers.

Sabrina Cardone With Her family (Source: Pinterest)

On their debut episode of 10XKids, Sabrina and Scarlett Cardone, the children of Grant Cardone and actress Elena Cardone, discuss the value of interacting with strangers and answering phone calls.

Sabrina and her sister Scarlett founded 10X Kids, a spinoff of Grant’s 10X motto, with a Sunday 4 p.m. EST show on Clubhouse.

Sabrina is a little dynamo. She even spoke at her father’s 10X Growth Con, where she shared the stage with celebrities like Daymond John, Alex Rodriguez, and Kevin Hart. Her remarks had a profound effect on a large number of people.

She can even ride a horse, as shared in the video of her riding with her father, Grant Cardone on Instagram.

sabrina cardone Claims to be a millionaire

Grant Cardone Daughter, Sabrina was criticized for being “tone deaf” and “disturbing” after she gave advice on TikTok about how to become a millionaire by the age of 20.

Sabrina, the internet celebrity and entrepreneur Grant Cardone’s daughter, shared her goal of becoming a millionaire by the age of twenty.

Additionally, she claimed to get paid between $4,000 and $5,000 a month for working for her father.

Sabrina Cardone Claims She Will Be A Millionaire By 20 Years Of Age (Source: TikTok)

This substantial monthly amount is then invested directly in real estate; based on her own estimates, the money doubles and triples annually, enabling her to reach $1 million within the following six years.

Instead of sending her a message of gratitude for her pseudo-financial knowledge, social media users quickly criticized her approach. A lot of people mentioned that most kids don’t have access to jobs that pay $60k a year.

Others said that they also don’t have the luxury of being able to invest all of their money; instead, it’s more probable that landlords, utility companies, coffee shops, and other businesses would wind up with their hard-earned money.

When a video of a different TikToker making fun of Sabrina’s remark was posted, the Reddit community quickly bashed her.

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