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Renee Graziano Kids: Son AJ Pagan – Mob Wives Star Drug Overdose

Amidst the complexities of her marriages and various affairs and relationships, Renee Graziano has maintained her role as a mother to her only one kid, AJ Pagan.

Renee Graziano, an American reality TV star, gained prominence through her participation in “Mob Wives” and “Celebrity Big Brother.”

She is also known for her lineage, being the daughter of Anthony Graziano, who served as a consigliere in the Bonanno crime family.

American Television Reality Star, Renee Graziano
American Television Reality Star, Renee Graziano (Source: Instagram)

In 2016, she clinched the third position on Celebrity Big Brother 18, and later in December 2022, she starred in the VH1 movie “Fuhgeddabout Christmas.”

Renee, aged 55, has authored two books: “Playing With Fire,” a semi-autobiographical novel, and “How to Use a Meat Cleaver: Secrets and Recipes from a Mob Family’s Kitchen,” a cookbook.

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Renee Graziano Kids: Son AJ Pagan

Renee Graziano’s son, AJ Pagan, was born during her marriage to ex-husband, Hector Pagan Jr.

After Hector Pagan Jr. was imprisoned for murder, AJ Pagan’s parents, Renee Graziano and Hector Pagan Jr., divorced.

Born in the USA on April 23, 1994, AJ Pagan gained recognition as a television reality star.

Renowned for his involvement on the VH1 reality series “Mob Wives,” Pagan, aged 29, frequently appeared alongside his mother, Renee Graziano, and other family members.

Renee Graziano With Her Son, AJ Pagan
Renee Graziano With Her Son, AJ Pagan (Source: Instagram)

In 2021, AJ Pagan encountered numerous felonies when he allegedly falsified documents to receive unemployment benefits while employed in 2018.

According to official court documents, AJ was arrested on August 5 and faced multiple felony charges.

In the criminal complaint, AJ is charged with “utilizing the computer systems of the New York State Department of Labor to create false entries… in that defendant did fraudulently assert that defendant was totally unemployed and entitled to said benefits, when in fact the defendant was employed.”

The sum AJ purportedly received in unemployment benefits totaled over $3,000 between February and April of 2018.

Investigators allege that the funds were deposited into an account accessed with a debit card mailed to AJ’s home address.

On August 23, 2021, AJ was released on his recognizance, awaiting future court hearings.

AJ’s first encounter with the legal system took place in 2012 when he was arrested following a confrontation in Staten Island.

AJ was taken into custody for his part in a substantial street fight. Nevertheless, he claimed that he was simply trying to intervene and prevent further violence.

According to AJ's representative, AJ and his girlfriend were cruising around Staten Island when they witnessed two girls engaging in a physical altercation on the street, prompting them to intervene.

Due to the limited information available about AJ Pagan, there are no details provided about his girlfriend or other aspects of his personal life.

Mob Wives Star Renee Recalls Her Drug Overdose Incident

In March 2024, Renee Graziano shared that she came close to losing her life after overdosing on a dangerous batch of drugs in the previous year, an experience she refers to as her come-to-Jesus moment, which ultimately motivated her to achieve sobriety.

Renee, the “Mob Wives” star, is the most recent guest on Bunnie XO’s “Dumb Blonde” podcast, where she discusses the overdose incident she encountered in 2023, resulting in her decision to seek treatment in rehab.

Renee Graziano Recalled Her Drug Overdose Incident
Renee Graziano Recalled Her Drug Overdose Incident (Source: Instagram)

Renee reflects on her experience, admitting she was unaware she was indulging in dangerous drugs until she discovered she had lost consciousness for 3 days and was bedridden for a total of 9, without a single visit from her family.

Renee recounts that she had to relearn how to walk after enduring this distressing episode, and it turned out to be the turning point that made her realize she needed to break free from her drug addiction, a goal she accomplished.

As of now, she is doing well following her drug overdose, showing remarkable resilience in her recovery journey.

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