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Paula Hurd Net Worth 2024: How Rich Is The Girlfriend of Bill Gates?

Paula Hurd net worth is estimated to be around $3.5 million to $4.5 million. She has garnered recent attention for being seen alongside Bill Gates at pre-wedding celebrations hosted by the Ambani family.

Bill Gates’ girlfriend, Paula Hurd, emerged into the public eye following his divorce from Melinda French Gates in August 2021.

The Microsoft co-founder began dating Hurd, and their relationship became widely known by February 2023, although at that time, Hurd had not yet met Gates’ children.

Before confirming their relationship, Gates and Hurd were spotted together at various events, including the Laver Cup in September 2022 and the Australian Open in January 2023.

News of their romance surfaced almost two years after Gates and Melinda French Gates announced their divorce following 27 years of marriage.

Paula Hurd Net Worth: Bill Gates And Paula Hurd's Relationship Became Widely Known By February 2023
Bill Gates And Paula Hurd’s Relationship Became Widely Known By February 2023 (Source: Hello Magazine)

Prior to their relationship becoming public, Gates expressed his intention to find love again after his divorce, stating to the BBC that he was not a robot.

Paula Hurd, Bill Gates’ girlfriend, was previously married to Mark Hurd, the former CEO of Oracle Corporation and the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard. They shared two daughters, Kathryn and Kelly.

They were married for nearly 30 years until Mark Hurd’s passing in October 2019.

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Paula Hurd Net Worth 2024: How Rich Is The Girlfriend of Bill Gates?

Paula Hurd was born on April 27, 1962, in Texas, United States. Growing up in the dynamic environment of Texas, Paula Hurd completed her high school education in 1978.

Following her secondary education, she moved to Austin and pursued a bachelor’s degree program at the University of Texas in business administration in 1984, as per her biography on Baylor University’s website.

After completing her college education, Paula Hurd pursued a career in sales and alliance management at NCR (National Cash Register), a leading provider of software, hardware, and services for banks and retailers.

She dedicated decades to her work at NCR before transitioning to her current role.

Presently, according to her LinkedIn profile, Paula Hurd serves as a developer and organizer of diverse event experiences for personal, corporate, and charitable occasions, aiming to create memorable moments for attendees.

On average, MPH portfolio managers earn around $137,559 per year, which could mean potential earnings of $550,236 over four years for Paula.

Paula Hurd Net Worth Is Estimated To Be Around $3.5 Million To $4.5 Million
Paula Hurd Net Worth Is Estimated To Be Around $3.5 Million To $4.5 Million (Source: ABP Live)

While details about her net worth have not been widely disclosed, a website suggests an estimated range of $3.5 million to $4.5 million.

Bill Gates ranked #4 on the Forbes Billionaires 2022 list. When considering his business investments, his net worth of $117 billion could purchase approximately 1.37 billion barrels of crude oil or 62 million troy ounces of gold.

The joint net worth of Paula Hurd and Bill Gates is potentially around $117.5 billion.

Paula Hurd and Bill Gates share a mutual passion for tennis and are both actively involved in philanthropic endeavors.

As a resident of Silicon Valley, Paula is particularly passionate about education and healthcare initiatives within her community, as well as supporting Baylor University, where her late husband earned his BBA degree in 1979.

Professionally, Paula has accumulated 17 years of experience in various leadership roles within the sales and services department at NCR Corporation, spanning locations in Dallas, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

In her final position as Vice President of Services, she oversaw the team responsible for managing global strategic partnerships.

Paula Hurd: A Philanthropist

Paula Hurd and her late husband have been actively involved in contributing to various causes and leading numerous fundraising campaigns over the years.

As a dedicated supporter of her late husband’s alma mater, Baylor University, she played a significant role in helping the school’s Give Light Campaign reach its $1 billion milestone with a generous donation of $7 million in 2021.

As a result of their contribution, the university opened a welcome center named in honor of the couple in September 2023.

Paula Hurd Net Worth: Paula Hurd With Her Late Husband Mark Hurd
Paula Hurd With Her Late Husband Mark Hurd (Source: People)

In a press release from Baylor University, Hurd expressed her family’s excitement about the Hurd Welcome Center.

Described as a comprehensive fundraising campaign on Baylor’s website, the Give Light Campaign aimed to enhance various aspects of the university, including providing an unambiguously Christian education environment.

It also includes: creating transformational undergraduate education experiences, boosting the impact and visibility of Baylor’s research and scholarship, and fostering nationally recognized arts and athletics programs, in line with Baylor’s foundational pillars.

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