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Reagan Gomez-Preston Parents: Mother Cheryl Gomez & Father Bennett Preston

Reagan Gomez-Preston parents are former police officer Cheryl Gomez, and medical pathologist Bennett Preston.

Reagan Amyre Gomez-Preston is an American movie and voice actress.

Besides acting, Preston has also produced and written two TV series, Surviving… and Almost Home, and the drama This Time.

Reagan debuted her acting career with the sitcom television series The Parent ‘Hood Zaria Peterson.

At 14, the multi-talented actress debuted in the sitcom television series The Parent Hood. She played the role of Zaria Peterson in the series, which was well acclaimed by the critics.

Reagan Gomez-Preston Parents
Reagan Gomez-Preston Posing For Marcelle (Source: Instagram)

After The Parent ‘Hood, Preston did numerous TV shows like Jerry Maguire, Love Don’t Co$t a Thing, Never Die Alone, Doing a Hard Time, Hair Show, Beauty Shop, Dough Boys, and so on.

Likewise, her first television movie was Freaky Friday, where she played Heather in 1995. Since then, she has made an appearance in about 20 films, which includes her role as Melissa in the hit T.V. series That 70s show.

Moreover, Reagan has also given her voice in the 2021 show Black Monday and Ten Year Old Tom. The versatile actress was also seen in a Music video titled Sorry 2004.

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Reagan Gomez-Preston Parents

Reagan Gomez was born in April 1980 to her mother, Cheryl Gomez, and father, Bennett Preston, in Detroit, Michigan.

Preston’s father was an African-American who worked as a medical examiner/pathologist. Her mother, Cheryl, was originally from Puerto Rica.

When Reagan was about 14 years old, her parents got divorced. Afterward, the actress moved to Los Angeles with her mother and her brother, Kyle.

Reagan Gomez-Preston Parents
Reagan’s Mother- Cheryl Gomez And Reagan’s Kid (Source: Instagram)

In the early 1980s, Cheryl Gomez used to work for the Detroit Police Department. However, in 1982, she complained about verbal abuse, written epithets, and receiving death threats.

To her dismay, her then-commanding officer, Mack Douglass, didn’t take any action against the abuse; instead, he made a se*ual approach towards her.

Following the incident, she quit the Police Department and started working as a first-ever female street patrol.

Two years of working as a street patrol drained her, and she could not take her mind off of Mack Douglass’s incident.

So, to get justice, she filed a se*ual harassment lawsuit in 1984. After three long years, in 1987, she won the case and received $800,000 in a Jury trial.

Gomez has been fighting against this issue since then. To raise her voice against the issue, she founded an association in 1990 with the aim of helping out the victims.

Moreover, she co-wrote the book When No Means No: How To Protect Yourself From Se*ual Harassment. 

Reagan Gomez-Preston Husband & Kids

Reagan Gomez is married to former rapper and model DeWayne Turrentine Jr. 

Gomez and Turrentine Jr. met at Brandy’s 16th birthday party and have been inseparable since, as per Gomez’s April 18, 2023, Instagram post.

After kindling their romance for a few years, they got married in November 1999. And now, they have been happily married for more than 24 years.

Reagan Gomez-Preston Parents
Reagan And DeWayne With Their Kids- Scarlet And Tyger (Source: Instagram)

On May 13, 2007, Reagan and DeWayne welcomed their first child, daughter Scarlett Annette Turrentine. Later, on April 2, 2011, they were blessed with a baby boy, Tyger Attila Turrentine. Currently, Scarlett is about 17 years old, and Tyger is about 13 years old.

Reagan loves giving her fans a little glimpse into their familial life via social media. Her last family post was an Instagram picture of their Father’s Day, 2023, day out.

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