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Sung Kang Parents: Black Father & Asian Mother – Sister & Family

Sung Kang Parents are South Korean immigrants, who moved often during his childhood because of their commitments to the United States military.

Sung-Ho Kang, known professionally as Sung Kang, is an acclaimed American actor. He was born on April 8, 1972.

Sung Kang’s breakout role came in 2002 with Better Luck Tomorrow, directed by Justin Lin, where he portrayed Han Lue, a detached gang member. He also starred in The Motel as Sam Kim.

Sung Kang, An American Actor
Sung Kang, An American Actor (Source: Instagram)

Kang reprised his role as Han Lue in the Fast & Furious franchise, starting with The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, directed by Justin Lin.

He continued to portray Han in later Fast & Furious films, including Fast & Furious, Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6, and the short film Los Bandoleros.

In addition to his Fast & Furious roles, Kang appeared as an FBI agent in the film War (2007) alongside Jet Li and had a role in Forbidden Warrior as Doran, the son of Genghis Khan.

He also had smaller roles in action films such as Live Free or Die Hard and Bullet to the Head opposite Sylvester Stallone.

On television, Kang has had notable roles including portraying President Gin Kew Yun Chun Yew Nee in the Korean drama parody Tae Do on MADtv, and FBI Agent Tae Kim in the crime procedural Gang Related on FOX.

The character Tae Kim was created for him by Chris Morgan, with whom he collaborated on the Fast & Furious franchise.

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Sung Kang Parents: Black Father, Asian Mother & Sister

Sung Kang has captivated audiences worldwide with his skillful acting performances throughout his career.

He has consistently impressed viewers with his talent and charisma, establishing himself as a prominent Hollywood movie star.

Fast & Furious fame Sung Kang was born on April 8, 1972, in Clarkston, Georgia, United States.

Sung Kang Parents are of South Korean descent, however, he was raised by his Korean mother and African American stepfather in Gainesville, Georgia. During high school, he relocated to Barstow, California.

Further information such as his parents’ name is not disclosed on any social media platform. Likewise, there’s no information regarding his sister available.

Kang, 52, developed a passion for acting early in life, although his parents initially hoped he would pursue a career in law.

Sung Kang Parents: Sung Kang Greeting His Fast & Furious Character In His Instagram Post
Sung Kang Greeting His Fast & Furious Character In His Instagram Post (Source: Instagram)

However, he opted to follow his dreams and become an actor. He attended the University of California, Riverside.

In the 1990s, Sung Kang encountered discrimination in the entertainment industry. He actively worked to avoid being typecast into stereotypical roles such as “guy with a machete” or “guy with kung fu.”

Such roles often portrayed characters of Asian descent as expendable or one-dimensional in thrillers.

Sung Kang is currently working on film projects, one of which delves into his childhood experiences growing up in a biracial family in Georgia, USA.

He expressed a strong desire to share this story with the world, particularly as a tribute to his parents, especially his father who is facing health challenges.

Kang feels a sense of urgency to honor his father’s legacy before it’s too late, which serves as a driving force behind this project.

Sung Kang: Family

Better Luck Tomorrow actor tied the knot with his girlfriend, Miki Yim, on July 8, 2014. Miki Yim holds the position of general manager at Prada, a renowned fashion brand.

Their love story blossomed after they first met in Koreatown Karaoke, where Sung Kang was singing “When Doves Cry.”

Sung Kang Parents: Sung Kang With His Wife Miki Yim
Sung Kang With His Wife Miki Yim (Source: Tuko)

Apparently, Miki teased Sung about his singing voice, sparking their initial connection. Shortly thereafter, they began dating.

The couple eventually exchanged vows in an intimate wedding ceremony attended by close friends and family members. As of now, the couple does not have any children.

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