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Pauly Shore Parents: Father Sammy And Mother Mitzi Shore

The American actor and comedian Pauly Shore parents are Sammy Shore and Mitzi Shore. He is the youngest of three siblings in her family.

Pauly Shore, a multi-faceted entertainer, is best known for his roles in 1990s comedy films, earning a lasting place in the hearts of fans.

Starting with his stand-up debut, he later found fame as an MTV VJ, holding the position from 1989 to 1994, marking a pivotal moment in his career.

American Comedian, Pauly Shore
American Comedian, Pauly Shore (Source: Instagram)

Rising to prominence in the 1992 film “Encino Man,” he continued to charm audiences with a string of successful 1990s comedies, including “Son in Law,” “In the Army Now,” “Jury Duty,” and “Bio-Dome.”

The 2003 mockumentary “Pauly Shore Is Dead” reflects Shore’s artistic vision, as he took on the roles of producer, writer, director, and star.

Playing a version of himself, Shore graced the screen in the March 2018 episode 10 of the TV series “Alone Together.”

In the 2021 comedy-drama film “How It Ends,” he played the role of ‘Himself,’ joining a talented ensemble cast that included Zoe Lister-Jones, Cailee Spaeny, Helen Hunt, Olivia Wilde, Fred Armisen, Lamorne Morris, and Nick Kroll.

His voice acting credits include a diverse range of films such as “Pinocchio: A True Story,” “My Sweet Monster,” “The Big Trip,” “Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja,” and more.

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Pauly Shore Parents: Father Sammy And Mother Mitzi Shore

Pauly Shore parents, Sammy Shore and Mitzi Shore, have left an enduring impact on his life and career.

The comedic genius Pauly Shore, whose full name is Paul Montgomery Shore, graced the world with his presence on February 1, 1968.

When Pauly was only three, his parents got divorced, which had a lasting impact on him.

After their separation, Mitzi took charge of the Comedy Store, owning and operating it from 1974 until she died in 2018 due to undisclosed neurological disorder.

A year following the passing of his mother, he experienced another loss in 2019 when his father passed away from natural causes.

Pauly Shore With Her Father, Sammy Shore
Pauly Shore With Her Father, Sammy Shore (Source: Facebook)

As the youngest among his siblings, Pauly Shore shared his childhood with two brothers, Peter Shore and Scott Shore, and one sister, Sandi Shore.

Reflecting on his grandparents, Pauly has Morris Saidel, his maternal grandfather, who worked as a traveling salesperson, and Fanny, his maternal grandmother.

Rooted in the Jewish tradition, he completed his high school education at Beverly Hills High School in 1986.

In the heart of Los Angeles, California, he was raised in the world of laughter, thanks to his mum and dad who were the co-founder and owner of The Comedy Store.

The spark for his journey into show business and comedy ignited from the inspiration provided by his parents, serving as the guiding force in his career choice.

At the age of 17, Pauly Shore took his first steps into stand-up comedy, making his debut at the Alley Cat Bistro in Culver City.

Pauly Shore As Richard Simmons In Short Film

Pauly Shore, responding to a fan-driven initiative, unveiled a teaser in January 2024 for “The Court Jester”, a short film where he steps into the spotlight as the lead character, exploring the life of Richard Simmons.

A statement released by Simmons disclosed that he had not granted permission for the short film’s production.

The Facebook post reads:

“I have never given my permission for this movie,” the fitness personality wrote. “So don’t believe everything you read.”

Pauly Shore In The Short Film The Court Jester
Pauly Shore In The Short Film The Court Jester (Source: Instagram)

The short film, directed by Jake Lewis, is accessible to the public on YouTube for the viewers.

During its premiere, Pauly Shore shared with the audience that Richard Simmons had sent him a text message wishing him “good luck.”

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