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Jessica Ralston Weight Loss: Did She Lose Weight?

Jessica Ralston Weight Loss? Jessica Ralston, the anchor on “Good Day Columbus,” who was once criticized for her weight, has consistently supported individuals dealing with “body shaming.”

NewsChannel 5 Network Anchor Jessica Ralston
NewsChannel 5 Network Anchor Jessica Ralston (Source: Instagram)

Jessica Ralston is a news anchor and television personality known for her work in the media industry. She was associated with the NewsChannel 5 Network in Nashville, Tennessee.

Hailing from Ohio, Jessica hosts “Good Day Columbus” on ABC6/FOX28 from 5 am to 9 am on weekdays.

Her journey began in Youngstown, Ohio, where she started as a Producer at WFMJ-TV21 after graduating from Youngstown State University.

Eager for new experiences, Ralston then worked as an evening Anchor, Reporter, and Producer in Clarksburg, West Virginia, at WDTV, Newschannel 5.

She honed her skills in Charleston, West Virginia, progressing from Reporter/Anchor to Evening Anchor at WSAZ TV-3 in just over a decade.

Along the way, the news anchor received accolades such as “Woman of Achievement” and “Key to the City of Charleston.”

She then went to Nashville, joining WTVF Newschannel 5. She anchored evening newscasts and hosted “Openline,” earning recognition as a “Style Setter” in “Nashville Scene” magazine.

Jessica won 5 Emmy awards and 16 nominations for Anchor, Breaking News, and Team Coverage in West Virginia, Tennessee, and Ohio. She also received 36 Associated Press and Broadcaster’s awards.

In 2019, the Columbus Dispatch “Top Picks” poll ranked Jessica among the “Top 3 Anchorwomen.”

The following year, Ralston became the “Top TV News Anchorwoman,” solidifying her respected status in the industry.

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Jessica Ralston Weight Loss: Did She Lose Weight?

Jessica Ralston Weight Loss? There’s no update on Jessica Ralston’s weight loss journey, but she consistently stands up for herself and others facing body shaming.

Her response to body shaming incidents indicates her commitment to self-acceptance and standing up against such negativity.

In October 2019, a Facebook user, Michael Lundquist, made derogatory comments about her weight on social media, suggesting she “lay off the coffee and donuts.”

Jessica, an Emmy winner and news anchor, promptly responded on both Facebook and Twitter, defending herself against the cruel remarks.

Jessica Ralston Weight Loss
Jessica Ralston After Working Out At Gym (Source: Instagram)

She urged Michael to refrain from insults and highlighted his ignorance. The incident sparked a wave of support from her loyal followers and the community, with many condemning fat-shaming.

In her personal life, Jessica maintains a positive attitude toward fitness, enjoying gym sessions and following a healthy diet.

Despite facing public scrutiny, she continues to prioritize self-care and body positivity.

While specific details about her weight loss journey may not be readily available, Jessica Ralston’s resilience in the face of body shaming sends a powerful message of self-empowerment and acceptance.

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Jessica Ralston Family: Parents, Husband, & Kids

Jessica Ralston’s journey from a tough childhood in Youngstown, Ohio, to a successful news anchor in Nashville showcases her family’s constant support.

Growing up with her older brother Robert (“Buddy”), their parents divorced when she was three, and they lived with their hardworking mom in a neighborhood near public housing.

From a young age, Jessica took on responsibilities as a latchkey kid, managing chores and homework until her mom returned from her two jobs.

Despite challenges, Jessica never felt abandoned, and her mom always made it to her important events.

Jessica Ralston With Her Husband Jimmy Johnson
Jessica Ralston With Her Husband Jimmy Johnson (Source: Instagram)

In those early years, Jessica leaned on her best friend Becca, and Becca’s mom, Anna Macciomie, for emotional support.

When Jessica’s mother moved to Orlando, Florida, she stayed behind for college. However, when Anna got sick, Jessica moved to Florida to be with her mom.

After Anna’s passing, Jessica returned to live with Becca, maintaining a strong bond. Life took Jessica and Becca in different directions, but their friendship endured.

Jessica married her husband, Jimmy Johnson, and they raised three kids—Parker Paisley, Ellie Mae, and Ginger.

On January 3, 2024, Jessica revealed the heartbreaking loss of her beloved husband, Jimmy, leaving a legacy of love and support.

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