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Matthew Muller Parents: Father Monty & Mother Joyce: Family

A family friend of Matthew Muller, the individual suspected in the March kidnapping case in Vallejo, revealed that Muller’s parents are reportedly devastated by the news.

Matthew Muller and Denise Huskins’s case has gained nationwide attention, especially with the release of the Netflix docuseries “American Nightmare” on January 17, 2024.

In 2015, Muller kidnapped Huskins and threatened her to keep it a secret. Almost seven years later, Muller was sentenced to prison for his actions.

Additionally, it has been confirmed through court records that his wife filed for divorce from him.

A photo taken of Matthew Muller shortly after his arrest, which appears in Netflix's "American Nightmare."
A Photo Taken Of Matthew Muller Shortly After His Arrest, Which Appears In Netflix’s “American Nightmare.” (Source: Business Insider)

As per court records, it has been reported that Matthew Muller is married to his wife, Huei Jiun Dai.

Huei Jiun Dai initiated divorce proceedings in December 2022 in San Mateo County. Based on court records, the divorce case is currently pending, indicating that Matthew Muller is still legally married as of now.

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Matthew Muller Parents

Father Monty & Mother Joyce: Family

Matthew Muller Parents: A close friend of the accused kidnapper, Matthew Muller, named Steve Reed, expressed shock and disbelief at the allegations.

Reed, who has been best friends with Muller’s parents for decades, found the accusations surprising and adverse.

Steve said in an interview that he had known Matthew Muller all his life. Even when Muller was a baby, he held him so much that he used to call him ‘Uncle Steve.’

Reed, who is a retired police officer, remembers him as a high-achieving student who graduated from Bella Vista High in Fair Oaks.

Matthew Muller was a trumpet player in the U.S. Marines and was such an individual whom his parents were proud of.

Matthew Muller In US Marines
Matthew Muller In US Marines (Source: ABC News)

Steve further added that Muller’s parents were devastated upon hearing such terrific news, as they were not expecting such news whatsoever.

According to the reports, Matthew Muller’s parents, father Monty Muller & mother Joyce Muller, are both career educators.

The publication quotes one of Muller’s former English teachers at Bella Vista High School, describing him as a “high-achievement student” but otherwise not particularly memorable.

Before Matthew Muller attempted to adopt the role of a “gentleman criminal” and engage in weapon-free ransom kidnapping, he was reportedly described as “a really sweet guy” by a professor at Harvard Law School who knew him as per the reports.

Emily Gumper, a former colleague at the San Francisco firm where Muller worked and now an attorney in Portland, expressed being “surprised and shocked” upon hearing reports of his arrest.

It is reported that Matthew Muller spent time in the Marines after high school. Following his military service, there are indications that he may have started displaying signs of mental illness.

Despite this, he had a highly productive and successful academic journey, earning summa cum laude honors from Pomona College during his time in college and law school.

He was employed for six months by the immigration firm Reeves Miller Zhang & Diza (formerly Reeves & Associates). During this period, he abruptly resigned, informing clients that he was starting his firm. Before leaving, he decided to steal confidential files from the firm.

According to a complaint filed by Reeves in federal court in 2011, Muller, in a “bold and stealthy” manner, accessed the firm’s network, downloaded files, and attempted to cover his tracks using a computer application to erase evidence of his actions.

The firm also claimed to have surveillance footage of Muller wandering the office at night with a sleeping bag, although he denied sleeping there.

Mathew Muller: Punishments

Upon Matthew Muller’s arrest in June and the search of a storage locker in Vallejo on July 1, federal authorities seized various items.

Among these were four or five drones, a four-channel wireless video camera, and other equipment likely associated with the Denise Huskins kidnapping, such as a “stained mattress pad” and duct tape.

Mugshot Of Matthew Muller
Mugshot Of Matthew Muller (Source: ABC News)

The inventory also included 42 pills, including a “weight loss medication,” as well as “sensual massage lubricant,” women’s makeup, and two Hyatt Hotel key cards.

Additionally, Muller was driving a stolen white Mustang at the time of his arrest, although it remains unclear from whom the vehicle was stolen.

Matthew Muller is serving his prison sentence at FCI Tucson in Arizona. In 2017, he was sentenced to 40 years after pleading guilty to a federal charge of kidnapping.

In 2022, Matthew Muller was sentenced to an additional 31 years behind bars. This followed Muller pleading no contest to two counts of rape and pleading guilty to charges related to the robbery of an uninhabited dwelling, residential burglary, and false imprisonment.

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