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Mark Robinson Wife: Yolanda Hill Robinson – Married Life & Kids

Mark Robinson wife, Yolanda Hill Robinson is an accomplished individual, excelling in her careers as an accountant, non-profit executive, and civic leader, while also being a dedicated mother to their two children.

Mark Robinson, born on August 18, 1968, is an American politician who stands as the Republican nominee for Governor of North Carolina in the 2024 election.

Since 2021, he has been in the role of the 35th lieutenant governor of North Carolina.

American Politician, Mark Robinson (Source: Instagram)
American Politician, Mark Robinson (Source: Instagram)

Representing the Republican Party, he is the trailblazing first African-American to assume the role of lieutenant governor in North Carolina.

Robinson is known for endorsing conspiracy theories, like Holocaust denial, and frequently makes inflammatory anti-LGBT, antisemitic, and Islamophobic comments.

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Mark Robinson Wife: Yolanda Hill Robinson

Mark Robinson is not only recognized for his achievements but is also known for his strong partnership with his wife, Yolanda Hill Robinson.

The couple’s journey began with a private wedding ceremony on May 5, 1990, marking the beginning of a lifelong companionship filled with love and support.

Yolanda, a native of Ramseur, North Carolina, is a multifaceted individual whose contributions extend far beyond the domestic sphere.

Mark Robinson And His Wife, Yolanda Hill Robinson
Mark Robinson And His Wife, Yolanda Hill Robinson (Source: Instagram)

As an American accountant, non-profit executive, and civic leader, she has left an indelible mark on her community and beyond.

Yolanda’s dedication to public service is evident in her role as the Second Lady of North Carolina since 2021, a historic milestone as the first African-American woman to hold the position.

Her commitment to social welfare extends to her founding of a non-profit organization that provides nutritious meals to children enrolled in licensed daycare facilities across North Carolina.

Furthermore, she actively serves on the board of Revolution Academy, a charter school in Oak Ridge, North Carolina, advocating for quality education and opportunities for all students.

Yolanda’s leadership extends beyond education, as she also sits on the board of American Leadership Academy North Carolina and its affiliated charter schools in Garner and Monroe.

In 2023, Yolanda’s husband, Mark, announced his candidacy for Governor of North Carolina, a significant step in their shared journey toward public service.

If successful, Yolanda and her husband would make history as North Carolina’s first African-American governor and first lady, a testament to their unwavering dedication to effecting meaningful change and shaping a brighter future for their state.

Her influence in the education sector underscores her commitment to empowering future generations and fostering positive change within her community.

Following her graduation from Eastern Randolph High School in 1986, she went on to obtain both a bachelor's and a master's degree in accounting from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Together, Mark and Yolanda Robinson exemplify the power of partnership and service, inspiring others to strive for greatness and make a positive impact in their communities.

Mark Robinson Married Life & Kids

Mark Robinson and Yolanda Hill have built a family filled with love and commitment, raising two kids, Kimberly and Dayson.

Their journey into parenthood began in 1990 with the birth of their first child. Two years later, they welcomed another bundle of joy, expanding their family and filling their home with even more happiness and laughter.

As their children grew, Mark and Yolanda witnessed their milestones, guiding them through life’s challenges and celebrating their achievements.

Kimberly and Dayson have matured into remarkable individuals, each carving their paths and making their parents proud of their accomplishments.

Mark Robinson And Yolanda Robinson Are The Proud Parents Of Their Two Kids
Mark Robinson And Yolanda Robinson Are The Proud Parents Of Their Two Kids (Source: Facebook)

As their family expanded, so did their roles as grandparents, although the identities of their grandchildren remain undisclosed.

With over three decades of marriage behind them, Mark and Yolanda share an unbreakable bond, rooted in love and unwavering support.

In 2022, Mark Robinson revealed a deeply personal decision he and his wife made before they were married: the choice for her to have an abortion.

This decision weighed heavily on them, as Mark conveyed in a heartfelt Facebook video. He expressed the difficulty of the choice they made and the regret they felt, acknowledging the lasting impact it had on their lives.

This decision, made in 1989, just one year before their wedding, continues to shape their relationship and their family dynamics.

Through the ups and downs, Mark and Yolanda remain steadfast in their commitment to each other, drawing strength from their enduring love and shared experiences.

Mark Robinson, a committed family man, allocates the majority of his free time to his wife and children. Presently, he resides in High Point, North Carolina, with his fulfilled family.

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