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Lucy Lawless Husband Rob Tapert: Family & Parents

Lucy Lawless husband, Robert Gerard Tapert, is an American film and television producer, writer, and director, best known for co-creating the television series Xena: Warrior Princess.

Lucy Lawless made her television debut in the New Zealand sketch-comedy series, Funny Business.

Following this, she pursued drama studies at the William Davis Centre for Actors Study in Vancouver, Canada.

In 1994, Lawless appeared in Hercules and the Amazon Women, which served as the television pilot for Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

In that episode, she portrayed a man-hating Amazon named Lysia. She later played another character named Lyla in the first-season episode “As Darkness Falls“.

Lucy Lawless Husband: Lucy Lawless, A New Zealand Actress
Lucy Lawless, A New Zealand Actress (Source: Instagram)

Lawless gained widespread recognition for her portrayal of the heroic warrior woman, Xena, in the first season of Hercules.

She first appeared in the episode “The Warrior Princess” in March 1995. Lawless’s casting as Xena came about after Vanessa Angel, who was originally cast in the role, fell ill and could not travel to New Zealand for filming.

To distinguish Xena from the character of Lysia, Lawless’s appearance was altered – her ash blonde hair was dyed black, and she wore a darker costume.

Lawless reprised her role as Xena in two additional episodes of the first season of Hercules, depicting the character’s transition from villainess to a heroic figure.

Xena’s popularity led to the creation of a spin-off series titled Xena: Warrior Princess, which debuted on September 4, 1995.

The show, like its predecessor, was immensely successful, running for six seasons and garnering high ratings and cultural significance. Lawless’s portrayal of Xena catapulted her to international fame.

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Lucy Lawless Husband Rob Tapert: Family

Lucy Lawless met her first husband, Garth Lawless, in 1987, and they married in 1988.

Their only child, Daisy Lawless, was born on July 15, 1988. However, they divorced in 1995.

During her tenure on Hercules and Xena, Lawless met her second and current husband, executive producer Robert Tapert.

They have been married since 1998 and share two children together: Julius Robert Bay Tapert, born on October 16, 1999, and Judah Miro Tapert, born on May 7, 2002.

The couple currently resides in their home in Mission Bay, Auckland, New Zealand, which is speculated to be worth $6 million.

Robert Gerard Tapert is indeed an acclaimed American film and television producer, writer, and director, renowned for his co-creation of the iconic television series Xena: Warrior Princess.

Lucy Lawless Husband: Lucy Lawless And Husband Rob Tapert
Lucy Lawless And Husband Rob Tapert (Source: X)

Tapert is also recognized as one of the founding partners of Renaissance Pictures and Ghost House Pictures, esteemed film production companies.

His filmmaking journey began during his time at Michigan State University, where he was studying economics.

It was through his friend and roommate, Ivan Raimi, that Tapert crossed paths with future long-term collaborators Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell.

Together, Tapert and director Sam Raimi embarked on various short film projects before venturing into their first full-length feature, the graphic horror film The Evil Dead.

Tapert served as producer, Raimi as director, and Bruce Campbell as the lead actor.

Despite initial mixed critical reception, the film was a hit at the Cannes Film Festival and gained acclaim from horror author Stephen King, leading to its cinematic release in the USA and subsequent international success.

As for Lawless, she maintains close friendships with her Xena cast and crew members, including RenĂ©e O’Connor, Ted Raimi, Michael Hurst, and Bruce Campbell.

Lucy Lawless: Parents

Lucille Frances Lawless, aka Lucy Lawless, was born on March 29, 1968, in the Auckland suburb of Mount Albert, New Zealand.

She was born to Julie Ryan (nee Haynes), a teacher, and Frank Ryan, who served as Mount Albert’s mayor and worked as a banker.

Lucy is the fifth child out of six siblings, consisting of four brothers and one sister. She has described her family as a “big, sprawling Irish Catholic family.”

Lucy Lawless Husband: Lucy Lawless With Her Parents
Lucy Lawless With Her Parents (Source: Facebook)

During filming in Ireland for the Discovery Channel in 2004, Lucy mentioned that her father’s family hails from Quilty, County Clare, Ireland.

Lucy’s involvement in performing arts began early, with her first musical performance at the age of 10.

She continued to pursue acting during her secondary school years at Marist College, Auckland. Later, she commenced language studies at Auckland University.

Lucy Lawless has openly discussed her struggles with bulimia during childhood but has successfully overcome the illness.

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