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Is Rita Wilson Related To Carnie Wilson? Family Tree & Relationship Explored

Due to similar surnames, there is a tendency to relate stars with one another. Rita Wilson and Carnie Wilson are also the two names who have been tied by this misunderstanding.

Fans often speculate about potential connections and are curious whether they stand correct or not.

Rita Wilson, born Margarita Ibrahimoff on October 26, 1956, is an American actress, singer, and producer.

Rita Wilson, An American Actress, Singer, And Producer
Rita Wilson, An American Actress, Singer, And Producer (Source: Instagram)

Wilson’s career commenced with a guest role on The Brady Bunch in a 1972 episode titled Greg’s Triangle, portraying Pat Conway, a candidate competing against Marcia Brady for head cheerleader.

Additionally, she appeared twice on M*A*S*H* in 1982, where she played the character Nurse Lacey.

She has appeared in numerous films, including Volunteers (1985), Sleepless in Seattle (1993), Now and Then (1995), That Thing You Do! (1996), Jingle All the Way (1996), The Story of Us (1999), Runaway Bride (1999), It’s Complicated (2009), and Larry Crowne (2011).

As for Carnie Wilson, she is an American singer and television personality, who was born on April 29, 1968.

In 2003, Carnie made an attempt to launch a solo music career with the album “For the First Time.”

The album included a remake of the Samantha Mumba ballad “Don’t Need You To (Tell Me I’m Pretty),” written by Olivia DiNucci, which was retitled “I Don’t Need You To” and released as its first single.

However, the single failed to gain traction, leading to the shelving of the album when Carnie reunited with Wendy and Chynna as Wilson Phillips in 2004.

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Is Rita Wilson Related To Carnie Wilson? Family Tree & Relationship Explored

It is common to misinterpret two people with similar surnames be connected. However, in this case, Rita and Carnie are not the Wilson sisters that fans hoped.

Rita Wilson was born and raised in Los Angeles. Her mother, Dorothea Tzigkou, was Greek, raised in Sotirë near Dropull i Sipërm in Albania, near the border with Greece.

Rita’s father, Hassan Halilov Ibrahimoff, was a Bulgarian Muslim (Pomak) born in Oraio (Breshtene), Greece, close to the Bulgarian border. His family relocated to Bulgaria when he was young, and he immigrated to the US in 1949.

Upon his marriage, he converted from Islam to Orthodox Christianity and changed his name to Allan Wilson in 1960, selecting it from a local street name.

The family resided in Los Angeles, where Allan worked as a bartender. Rita was brought up in the Greek Orthodox faith.

Rita Wilson Related To Carnie Wilson? Rita Wilson With Her Father
Rita Wilson With Her Father (Source: Daily Mail)

Rita, the second child of her parents’ three children, has a sister named Lily and a brother named Chris.

Apart from her two siblings, she also has a half-sibling. She experienced an emotional moment on NBC’s “Who Do You Think You Are when she learned about a half-brother who tragically passed away as an infant.

The 67-year-old was moved to tears once more after reconnecting with a long-lost uncle and uncovering the tumultuous past of her father, who had been considered an enemy of the state after escaping from a labor camp in Bulgaria and fleeing the country.

Oscar winner Tom Hank’s wife, Rita went to Greece, her father’s birthplace, and Bulgaria to uncover more about her father, Alex.

Throughout her exploration, she experienced moments of profound emotion, shedding tears upon learning that her father had been previously married and that she had a half-brother named Emil.

Tragically, her father’s wife passed away just three days after giving birth, and Emil tragically passed away just a couple of months later, adding to the emotional weight of Rita’s discoveries.

Who Is Carnie Wilson’s Sister?

Carnie Wilson was born in Los Angeles, to Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys and his first wife, former singer Marilyn Rovell of The Honeys.

Her mother has Jewish heritage, while her father’s ancestry includes Dutch, Scottish, English, German, Irish, and Swedish roots.

During her teenage years, Carnie co-founded Wilson Phillips with her younger sister Wendy and childhood friend Chynna Phillips.

The group achieved significant success, releasing two albums titled “Wilson Phillips” and “Shadows and Light,” which collectively sold twelve million copies.

Wilson Phillips also produced three No. 1 singles and six top 20 hits in the United States before disbanding in 1993.

Rita Wilson Related To Carnie Wilson? Carnie Wilson And Wendy Wilson For Their Track 'Hey Santa'
Carnie Wilson And Wendy Wilson For Their Track ‘Hey Santa’ (Source: Instagram)

After the disbandment of Wilson Phillips, Carnie and Wendy Wilson continued their musical collaboration by releasing the Christmas album “Hey Santa!” in 1993.

Additionally, they joined forces with their father for the 1997 album titled “The Wilsons.” Furthermore, Carnie lent her vocals to “Our Time Has Come,” a song performed with James Ingram for the soundtrack of the 1997 animated film “Cats Don’t Dance.”

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