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Traitorous Corleone Brother: Michael Corleone Is Played By Ryan Gosling In GodFather Part III 2025

Michael Corleone, the youngest son of Mafia don Vito Corleone, assumes leadership of the Corleone crime family following his father’s demise.

Joey Zasa, portrayed by Joe Mantegna in The Godfather Part III, is a fictional character and a significant antagonist in the Corleone crime saga.

Rising through the ranks of the Corleone family, Zasa becomes a treacherous caporegime and Street Boss, entrusted with control over their criminal activities in New York by 1979.

Despite initial respect for his business acumen, Zasa’s ambitious pursuits, particularly his desire to enter the drug trade, strain his relationship with Michael Corleone.

Zasa’s contentious interactions with Vincent Mancini-Corleone escalate, leading to attempted assassinations.

Joey Zasa
Joey Zasa (Source: Pinterest)

When Michael dissolves the family’s criminal empire, Zasa, influenced by Don Altobello, becomes a formidable adversary, vowing to seize power by force.

His betrayal culminates in a violent demise during a street festival, orchestrated by the Corleones.

Joey Zasa is a complex and treacherous figure, adding layers of intrigue to the power dynamics within the Corleone crime family in The Godfather Part III.

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Traitorous Corleone Brother: Michael Corleone Is Played By Ryan Gosling In GodFather Part III 2025

In the highly anticipated remake of “The Godfather Part III,” set to release in 2025, acclaimed actor Ryan Gosling steps into the formidable shoes of the iconic character Michael Corleone.

Departing from Al Pacino’s legendary portrayal, Gosling brings his unique touch to the role, infusing the character with depth and complexity.

The youngest son of Mafia don Vito Corleone, Michael inherits leadership of the Corleone crime family after his father’s death.

Ryan Gosling Takes On The Role Of Michael Corleone In The 2025 Remake Of The Godfather Part III
Ryan Gosling Takes On The Role Of Michael Corleone In The 2025 Remake Of The Godfather Part III (Source: Instagram)

Born on March 23, 1920, Michael is part of a powerful Mafia family, including older brothers Sonny and Fredo, younger sister Connie, and consigliere Tom Hagen.

His journey unfolds against the backdrop of crime, power, and family dynamics, making Michael Corleone a captivating and enduring character in cinematic history. Pacino’s performance earned him two Academy Award nominations.

In June 2003, the American Film Institute ranked Michael as the 11th most iconic film villain, while some view him as a tragic hero.

Empire magazine listed him as the 11th greatest movie character, highlighting Pacino’s acclaimed portrayal.

The Godfather Part III Remake: Stellar Cast And Creative Team Revealed for 2025

In the highly anticipated remake of “The Godfather Part III,” director Christopher Nolan leads an ensemble cast that promises a fresh take on the iconic characters.

Ryan Gosling steps into the role of Don Michael Corleone, bringing his nuanced acting prowess to the forefront.

Amy Adams reprises the character of Kay Adams Michelson, and Rachel McAdams adds depth to the role of Connie Corleone Rizzi.

Logan Lerman takes on the pivotal character of Vincent Mancini, while Malcolm McDowell assumes the role of Don Altobello, injecting his charisma into the narrative.

The Godfather Part III (1990)
The Godfather Part III (1990) (Source: Polygon)

Mark Wahlberg embodies the fierce Joey Zasa, with Donnie Wahlberg as the enigmatic B.J. Harrison.

Julianne Hough joins the cast as Grace Hamilton, while Emma Watson delivers a compelling performance as Mary Corleone.

Kiefer Sutherland steps into the shoes of Cardinal Lamberto, and Nicholas Hoult portrays Anthony Vito Corleone with skill and gravitas.

James Woods takes on the role of Archbishop Gilday, and Quentin Tarantino makes a surprising appearance as Al Neri. Steve Schirripa shines as Don Tommasino, with Harry Connick Jr. adding charm to the character of Johnny Fontane.

Behind the scenes, visionary director and writer Christopher Nolan, along with the legendary Francis Ford Coppola, contribute their cinematic expertise to ensure a captivating retelling. 

Jonathan Nolan lends his writing talents to the project, while renowned composer Hans Zimmer creates a score that promises to enhance the emotional depth of this timeless saga.

With this stellar cast and creative team, the 2025 remake of “The Godfather Part III” is poised to captivate audiences and breathe new life into a cinematic masterpiece.

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    • Ryan Gosling, I think, could possibly do a very good job with this. He is very mysterious and quiet in previous roles. He’s no Pacino, but I believe he can carry this huge role.

  1. A remake of the 3rd installment to a classic trilogy about an Italian Mafia family that has no Italian actors? I was never crazy about the title of mobster the first two movies gave to anyone of Italian heritage. To add insult to injury this remake has no Italian actors. Francis C. needs to rethink his heritage!!!

  2. Can’t help but notice Steve Schirripa is the only actor with any Italian heritage involved in this cast… not trying to be “woke” (whatever that even means these days) but I’m just saying…🤷‍♂️

    • A lot these actors have been very good in roles they’ve played in past movies. I don’t know if they will work just because of their ethnicity in the original story.

  3. A cast of northern looking Italians (but not Italian) playing southern Italians. Hope they bring Robert Duvall in for a cameo. Part of the interest of his character was how his physical looks and personality contrasted with the Corleone family.
    Oh dear, what have they done with casting?

  4. This i got to see…Ryan Gosling is a great actor but for the life of me I don’t see him as Michael.
    We do not need a remake of GF. Hollywood’s makeup dept.
    has their work cut out for them. Hey..but look at what they did for Bradley Cooper that was a outstanding job they did fo Masetro.

  5. I love Ryan Gosling and believe he has range, but why ate we insisting on remaking good movies. I can watch the Godfather series anytime as it was that good especially the 2nd one.

  6. Some movies are just not meant to be remade. The legacy and iconic roles the orginal have left us will never be matched at least for me. This goes along with Exorcist, E.T, Sound of Music, The Breakfast Club, just to name a few.

  7. You are all correct BUT it looks like a great cast n that shows there is a lot of meat left on the bone of this movie. A lot of depth that it can take on another slant or. Viewpoint.i. remember well audiences not liking this 3rd movie but it stands on its own quite well. I will see it with anticipation.

  8. This remake is just pure narcissism. Remaking a classic… really? Even if it was the worst one of the seriesr doing this just screams arrogance.

  9. If that’s true Francis Coppola should be ashamed of himself, he already took money for godfather 3, but a remake is unforgivable

  10. FFS. Leave it alone. More suspending belief and disbelief that they can’t just make a FRESH NEW movie. Come up with something original with this cast.
    On the surface it’s a strikeout.
    An unnecessary remake from someone who has never lacked originality such as Christopher Nolan

  11. Why remake it? Leave it the way it is. If anything make a part IV (a good part IV) that stays true with the saga and with real Italian actors. I’m not even going to entertain watching this movie as a sign of respect for the original Godfather saga.

  12. Just why??? A remake of the trilogy anchor? For what purpose??? Makes no sense to me…. If they were to start at the beginning and modernize it some-that would be different….but NO WAY will they be able to come close to the masterpiece we all grew up with…

  13. So who is going to play the consiglieri the great role that Robert Duvall played I would think that they would want to have that character as well too in the movie. Should be interesting


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