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June Hawkins Wiki: Age, Husband, Family & Kids

Retired Miami police sergeant June Hawkins married fellow detective Al Singleton post-retirement, and the couple now resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

June Hawkins, a retired Miami police sergeant, played a pivotal role in capturing and convicting Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco.

Initially joining the force in the 1970s for health benefits, Hawkins, a Spanish speaker, unexpectedly excelled and became one of Miami PD’s first female homicide detectives in the Miami Police Department.

June Hawkins A Retired Miami Police Sergeant Wikipedia
June Hawkins A Retired Miami Police Sergeant (Source: Instagram)

Her linguistic skills proved crucial as she served as an intelligence analyst, filtering through names, engaging informants, and compiling reports.

Hawkins prepared a comprehensive report with 40 cases that reached Washington, showcasing her expertise. After retiring, she moved to Tennessee.

Her remarkable career underscores her unexpected journey in law enforcement, where dedication and skills propelled her to dismantle criminal enterprises, leaving an indelible mark on Miami’s police history.

June Hawkins’ tale reflects her surprising path in law enforcement, showcasing how her abilities and commitment made her a crucial player in breaking down criminal operations, such as capturing Griselda Blanco.

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June Hawkins Wiki: Age, Family, & Parents

June Hawkins, the retired Miami police sergeant renowned for her instrumental role in capturing the notorious drug lord Griselda Blanco, remains an intriguing figure.

While specific details about her age are not publicly disclosed, she is currently in her 70s, reflecting a life dedicated to law enforcement.

Born in Miami to a Cuban mother, June’s roots reflect a cultural heritage that likely shaped her journey into law enforcement.

June Hawkins Wiki
June With Her Husband And Son (Source: Facebook)

While specific details about June Hawkins’ parents are not extensively documented, her connection to her Cuban heritage adds a layer of cultural richness to her background.

Growing up in Miami, she embraced her roots and later utilized her fluency in Spanish as a valuable asset in her law enforcement career.

While specific details about June Hawkins’ parents may be limited, but her commitment to family and the interconnectedness of her life with her parents underscores the importance of both personal and professional aspects in shaping her legacy.

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June Hawkins Husband & Kids

Post-retirement, June Hawkins entered a new chapter by marrying Al Singleton, a fellow detective pivotal in the capture of Griselda Blanco. The couple currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Her enduring commitment to law enforcement and her partnership with Al Singleton underscore the personal aspects of her life beyond her professional achievements.

June Hawkins's Son With His Wife And Kids
June Hawkins’s Son With His Wife And Kids (Source: Facebook)

Regarding family, June’s dedication extends to her son, Eric. Following in his mother’s footsteps, Eric became a police officer in Florida.

His involvement in a challenging shooting incident underscores the risks and complexities that law enforcement professionals and their families often face.

Despite the hurdles and risks associated with her son’s profession, Eric is doing well, now living with his wife and child.

June Hawkins, who retired in 2004 after a 30-year career, remains humble and does not boast about her achievements.

Her pride is evident in how she raised her son and the impact she had on the law enforcement community.

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