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Georgia Steel Parents: Father Rodney Lappin and Mother Sharon

Georgia Steel, the well-known English TV personality, hails from a family with her father, Rodney Lappin, and mother, Sharon.

Born on March 28, 1998, Georgia Steel, a TV personality, made her debut in 2013 on CBBC’s All at Sea.

In 2018, she gained widespread recognition on Love Island Series 4, finishing eighth. Despite being diagnosed with dyslexia, Steel studied acting at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts.

Georgia Steel An English TV Personality
Georgia Steel An English TV Personality (Source: Instagram)

Her reality TV journey continued with appearances on Celebs Go Dating, Celebs on the Ranch, and Celebrity Coach Trip.

The MTV series Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love marked a significant chapter where she met and got engaged to fellow contestant Callum Izzard. Their relationship ended in April 2020.

Steel’s career extended to game shows like Hey Tracey and documentaries like The Football Fraudster.

She participated in the Love Island Games in 2023 and returned for the spin-off Love Island: All-Stars in 2024, showcasing her enduring presence and versatility in the entertainment industry.

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Georgia Steel Parents: Father Rodney Lappin and Mother Sharon

Georgia Steel, born on March 28, 1998, in Thirsk, England, experienced a tumultuous family history shaped by the absence of her biological father, Rodney Lappin.

At the tender age of three, Lappin left the family, leaving Georgia to grapple with profound self-worth and loyalty issues throughout her upbringing.

Despite this early hardship, Georgia’s mother, Sharon, played a pivotal role in her life. After Rodney’s departure, Sharon remarried Andy Steel, becoming a supportive stepfather to Georgia.

Georgia Steel With Her Mother Sharon
Georgia Steel With Her Mother Sharon (Source: MetroUK)

This newfound familial bond provided stability and positive influence during her formative years. Georgia’s challenging childhood has been a driving force in shaping her resilience and character.

The former Love Island star opened up about her strained relationship with her biological father, revealing that he attempted to reconnect during her teenage years.

However, Georgia, driven by a sense of loyalty to her mother, maintained a distant yet civil relationship with her estranged father.

In the realm of public attention, Georgia’s struggles have been evident, including heartbreaks and encounters with fraudsters.

Despite these challenges, she continues to navigate life with strength and determination, showcasing her ability to overcome adversity.

Georgia Steel Faces Online Threats Amidst Confusion on Love Island: All-Stars

Love Island: All Stars contestant Georgia Steel, 26, has encountered “vile threats” and “hate” on social media due to recent episodes showing her romantic indecision with fellow islanders.

A statement on her Instagram, addressing the online backlash, reminded viewers that the show is not real life.

The statement emphasized the impact of hurtful comments on Steel’s well-being and her loved ones, urging against trolling.

This comes despite a previous social media ban for contestants while in the villa, aimed at protecting them from abuse.

Georgia Steel Is Facing Online Hate On Social Media
Georgia Steel Is Facing Online Hate On Social Media (Source: Instagram)

However, for the current season featuring returning islanders, including Steel, the ban has been lifted.

The decision was made based on the assumption that these seasoned participants could handle the potential negativity on social media, having experienced the spotlight and received professional guidance.

Love Island producers and ITV have urged viewers to be kind and considerate when discussing the contestants online, emphasizing that they are real people with feelings.

The statement also expressed gratitude for the support received and highlighted the power of kindness in the face of online negativity.

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