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Jacob Elordi Ethnicity: Race, Parents Background & Husband

Jacob Elordi ethnicity is a blend, reflecting his ancestral ties to both Australia and the Basque region, imbuing his identity with a diverse cultural background.

Born on June 26th, 1997, Jacob Elordi has established a thriving presence in the Hollywood industry, solidifying his success.

Elordi’s interest in acting blossomed after witnessing Heath Ledger’s performance in “The Dark Knight.”

He polished his acting skills in Melbourne before relocating to the USA to pursue his acting career.

Jacob Elordi Ethnicity
Jacob Elordi, The Star Of “Euphoria” Poses For A Men’s Health Photoshoot (Source: Men’s Health)

In 2020, Elordi quickly ascended to stardom with the release of the popular teen romantic film “The Kissing Booth.”

Later in his career, Elordi took on the iconic role of Elvis Presley in the movie “Priscilla,” further enhancing his prominence in the film industry.

Furthermore, the star has demonstrated exceptional acting talent through his embodiment as Nate Jacobs in the acclaimed Netflix series “Euphoria.”

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Jacob Elordi Ethnicity, Race And Parents

Jacob Elordi, born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, is the youngest child of his parents, John and Melissa Elordi.

Jacob Elordi proudly boasts a mixed heritage, drawing from various ethnic backgrounds. His mother, Melissa Elordi, is Australian, while his father, John Elordi, is from the Basque Country, nestled between Spain and France.

His father, John Elordi, immigrated from the Basque region to Australia when he was only 8 years old. He worked as a housepainter and even constructed the Elordi family home single-handedly.

Conversely, his mother, Melissa Elordi, chose to stay at home, prioritizing her role as a caregiver. Jacob has openly expressed that he shared the strongest bond with his mother.

Jacob Elordi Ethnicity
Jacob Elordi With His Parents And Older Sister (Source: Herald Sun)

His parents, at first, were hesitant about Jacob pursuing a career in the film industry due to the industry’s notorious difficulty in breaking into.

Despite their reservations, they believed in their son’s talents and provided thorough encouragement for him to pursue his acting career.

During an interview, Jacob’s father reminisced, “As his father, there was a moment when I told him, ‘Mate, acting is a one-in-a-million opportunity.'”

Fortunately for him, Jacob Elordi seems to be the rare standout in the industry, a “one in a million” talent.

Jacob Elordi’s Love Life: Girlfriend Olivia Jade

The Netflix star, Jacob Elordi has sparked a considerable number of dating rumors throughout his career.

As of this writing, reports suggest that Jacob Elordi is in a relationship with YouTuber Olivia Jade Giannulli. Rumors about their dating initially surfaced in December 2021.

Jacob Elordi Ethnicity
Jacob Elordi And Olivia Jade Taking A Stroll In New York (Source: People)

Later, in August 2022, they were reported to have parted ways, but just a month later, they were reunited.

They were seen enjoying vacations together, visiting Italy and Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, in the company of Giannulli’s parents.

Once again in January 2024, rumors circulated about their separation, but these were dispelled when they were later spotted together in New York.

Besides Olivia, Jacob was linked with Hollywood star Zendaya, Joey King, and Kaia Jordan Gerber in the past. However, they have since parted ways and are flourishing in their respective lives.

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