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Giovani Bernard Kids: Son Gabriel And Julian – Married Life & Wife

Giovani Bernard, the former American football running back, has entered a new chapter of life as a father with two wonderful kids, Gabriel and Julian.

Giovani Bernard, born on November 22, 1991, had a remarkable ten-season career as an American football running back in the National Football League (NFL).

Hailing from West Palm Beach, Florida, Bernard’s journey began in high school at St. Thomas Aquinas, where he showcased his talent, earning accolades as one of Florida’s top running backs.

Transitioning to the University of North Carolina, Bernard faced an early setback with a torn ACL in 2010 but rebounded impressively.

Excelling in the new spread offense in 2012, he received All-ACC first-team honors and the CFPA Punt Returner Trophy.

Giovani Bernard A Former Football Running Back
Giovani Bernard A Former Football Running Back (Source: Instagram)

In the 2013 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals selected Bernard in the second round. His eight seasons with the Bengals included notable performances, earning him a spot on the NFL All-Rookie Team in 2013.

Despite facing injuries, including a torn ACL in 2016, Bernard demonstrated resilience. In 2021, he joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, contributing despite injury challenges.

Bernard’s impactful career concluded with his retirement on April 28, 2023, leaving a legacy of versatility, durability, and dedication on the football field.

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Giovani Bernard Kids: Son Gabriel And Julian

Giovani Bernard, former NFL star, and his wife, Chloe, have experienced both joy and sorrow in their journey as parents.

The couple welcomed their first child, Julian, into the world in 2021, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

The joy of becoming parents for the first time radiated through their family, and Julian quickly became a cherished addition to the Bernard household.

Giovani Bernard A Former Football Running Back
Giovani Bernard A Former Football Running Back (Source: Instagram)

In a heartbreaking turn of events, the couple recently faced the devastating loss of their second child, a newborn son named Gabriel.

Giovani shared the tragic news on Instagram, expressing the deep love and connection they felt with Gabriel from the moment they learned of his presence.

The brief yet meaningful time they had with their little one left a profound impact on the Bernard family.

The couple’s journey as parents, marked by the contrasting experiences of welcoming Julian with joy and mourning the loss of Gabriel with sadness, highlights the fragility and resilience inherent in family life.

Giovani Bernard Married Life & Wife

Giovani Bernard, the talented running back of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, shares a heartwarming love story with his wife, Chloe Call.

The couple’s journey began during their college days at the University of North Carolina, where they officially started dating on October 1, 2012.

In 2019, Giovani and Chloe sealed their commitment in a stunning Italian villa, surrounded by loved ones.

Chloe is not just the supportive spouse of a professional athlete but also an active participant in philanthropy through the Bernard Family Foundation.

Giovani Bernard With His Wife
Giovani Bernard With His Wife (Source: Instagram)

Their love story, documented on social media, highlights cherished moments from vacations in Paris to a snowy retreat in Breckenridge Ski Resort.

The couple’s happiness expanded with the arrival of their son, Julian, born in 2021. As Julian turned one in 2022, Chloe expressed gratitude for the blessing of parenthood.

The couple’s married life is a testament to their commitment to each other through thick and thin. In the face of the recent tragedy, Giovani took a moment to praise Chloe for her remarkable qualities as a spouse, mother, and partner.

In his heartfelt tribute, he described her as more than he could have imagined, emphasizing her role as a remarkable presence in his life.

As they navigate the challenges of parenthood and cope with the loss of their newborn son, Gabriel, the Bernards find solace and strength in each other.

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