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Esther Povitsky Husband To Be Dave King: Is She Pregnant With King’s Child?

Esther Povitsky’s fiancé and future husband, Dave King, are expecting their first child together. The comedian shared the joyful news by proudly displaying her baby bump on Instagram.

Esther Povitsky, an American stand-up comedian, actress, writer, and producer, rose to prominence for her work on “Alone Together” and her role in the Hulu series “Dollface.”

Further, she has made appearances in several series, including “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Reboot,” “Key & Peele,” “Last Comic Standing,” and more.

American Stand-Up Comedian, Esther Povitsky
American Stand-Up Comedian, Esther Povitsky (Source: Instagram)

Her debut comedy special, “Hot for My Name,” premiered on Comedy Central on July 17, 2020, marking a significant milestone in her career.

In addition to her acting career, she manages her fashion brand, “Sleepover by Esther,” promoting it through Instagram and featuring it on the “Trash Tuesday” podcast.

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Esther Povitsky Husband

Although Esther Povitsky is currently unmarried, she is engaged to her soon-to-be husband, Dave King.

Her fiancé, Dave King, born on June 6, 1978, has made a name for himself as a television writer and producer, notably working on “Parks and Recreation” (2009), “The Good Place” (2016), and “The Bubble” (2022).

In an interview with Elle, she revealed that she crossed paths with her fiancé, comedy writer Dave King, within the stand-up community.

Esther Povitsky And Her Future Husband, Dave King
Esther Povitsky And Her Future Husband, Dave King (Source: Instagram)

Since the lockdown, Povitsky has been sharing videos of him teasing her for her sarcastic remarks and inability to recall famous movies.

Before the pandemic, she attempted to keep him somewhat anonymous, admitting that while she enjoys joking about him onstage, she never mentions him by name.

In “Hot for My Name,” Povitsky shares the story of how she convinced King to propose, but after two years of being engaged, she reveals that weddings are not her cup of tea. Esther emphasizes that her career is her top priority.

The couple has chosen not to share anything about their engagement on social media, leaving no trace of photographs.

They aren’t married, as she expressed that weddings aren’t her thing. She mentioned having second thoughts about marriage altogether, considering keeping him at the boyfriend level.

During an episode of the podcast “Trash Tuesday w/ Annie, & Esther, & Khalyla,” she mentioned that her fiancé is passionate about reading books.

Their connection extends beyond mere romantic affection; it’s deeply rooted in mutual respect, support, and understanding.

As Esther navigates the complexities of the entertainment industry, Dave stands by her side, offering unwavering encouragement and belief in her talents.

Through the highs and lows of life, Esther and Dave remain each other's constants, navigating challenges together with unwavering loyalty and affection.

Dave King (@davekingthing) and Esther Povitsky (@esthermonster) are both engaged on Instagram, with Dave amassing over 5K followers and Esther boasting 334K followers.

Regarding her previous dating life, Esther was speculated to be romantically involved with her Alone Together co-star Benji Aflalo. The speculations were debunked when both clarified that they were just best friends.

Is Esther Povitsky Pregnant With Dave King’s Child?

Esther Povitzki is pregnant and looking forward to welcoming a baby with her partner, Dave King.

She recently confirmed the rumors circulating on the internet about her pregnancy through a series of Instagram posts.

After receiving numerous messages from her followers, Esther decided to address the rumors by confirming that she is expecting a baby.

She officially confirmed her pregnancy in November 2023. During a podcast with Yannis Pappas, she disclosed that she accidentally got pregnant in April, a revelation that some people initially thought was a joke.

Esther Povitsky Shared Her Pregnancy News Via Her Instagram Profile Showing Her Baby Bump
Esther Povitsky Shared Her Pregnancy News Via Her Instagram Profile Showing Her Baby Bump (Source: Instagram)

Once she showcased her baby bump on Instagram, the rumors surrounding her pregnancy indeed proved to be true. Subsequent to the post, numerous people couldn’t resist sending their well wishes to her.

The announcement was met with a flood of love and congratulations from fans, fellow celebrities, and individuals in the entertainment industry.

In one of the photos, she playfully addressed the rumors with a caption that humorously confirmed, “the rumors (that I started) are true.”

Enhancing the thrill, she extended her audience engagement by posting a second pregnancy bump photo along with the caption “gender reveal.”

By utilizing her social media platform to disclose this personal news, Povitsky has enabled her fans to participate in this significant moment in her life.

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