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Angela Chao Husband Jim Breyer: What Was Her Age At The Time Of Her Death In Car Accident?

Angela Chao, the esteemed CEO of Foremost Group, was married to Jim Breyer, a distinguished American venture capitalist.

Angela Chao, the Chair and CEO of Foremost Group, has built a remarkable career. Before her pivotal role at Foremost, she honed her skills in the Mergers & Acquisitions Department of Smith Barney, showcasing a strategic mindset.

An alumna of Harvard Business School and Harvard College, Angela’s academic prowess is evident in her magna cum laude graduation in economics within three years.

Angela Chao, The Chair And CEO Of Foremost Group
Angela Chao, The Chair And CEO Of Foremost Group (wwwangelachao.org)

Her professional journey is characterized by global impact, overseeing the operations of Foremost Group, an influential American shipping company with a widespread presence.

Angela’s expertise extends beyond the maritime industry, demonstrated by her service on prestigious boards, including Harvard Business School, The American Bureau of Shipping Council, and The Metropolitan Opera.

Her fluency in Mandarin Chinese enhances her ability to engage internationally, reflecting her commitment to cultural understanding and collaboration.

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Angela Chao Husband Jim Breyer

Angela Chao, Chair and CEO of Foremost Group, forms a formidable power couple with her husband, Jim Breyer, a distinguished American venture capitalist.

Born in July 1961 in New Haven, Connecticut, Breyer has left an indelible mark on the tech investment landscape.

As the founder and CEO of Breyer Capital, Jim Breyer’s career spans over four decades, marked by strategic investments in over 40 companies that have gone public or completed successful mergers.

Notably, he played a pivotal role in Accel Partners’ investment in Facebook in 2005, contributing to the social media giant’s early success.

Angela Chao Husband Jim Breyer
Angela Chao Husband Jim Breyer (Source: Facebook)

Beyond the business realm, Breyer’s influence extends to various boards, including Etsy, Legendary Entertainment, Circle Financial, and 21st Century Fox, where he serves as Chairman of the Compensation Committee.

As a minority owner of the Boston Celtics, he also maintains a presence in the sports industry.

Married to Angela Chao, the dynamic CEO of Foremost Group and sister of former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, Jim Breyer adds another layer to this power couple.

Their partnership blends maritime expertise with venture capital acumen, creating a unique synergy between the shipping industry and the tech investment world.

Together, Angela Chao and Jim Breyer exemplify the fusion of business prowess and entrepreneurial spirit that continues to make waves on both land and sea.

What Was Her Age At The Time Of Her Death In Car Accident?

Angela Chao met a tragic end in a car accident, leaving many to reflect on her remarkable life. Born in 1973, Angela’s academic brilliance and passion for the maritime industry set her on a distinguished path.

Graduating from Harvard College and later earning an MBA from Harvard Business School, Angela’s journey was marked by dedication and leadership.

Assuming the role of CEO at Foremost Group in 2018 from her father, James Chao, Angela’s impact was transformative, guiding the company to new heights.

Beyond her executive role, she actively served on prestigious maritime advisory boards, advocating for progress and sustainability.

At the time of her untimely death, Angela Chao was 50 years old. Her sudden departure raises questions about the future of Foremost Group and the legacy she leaves behind.

Angela Chao With Her Father Dr. James Chao And Mother Ruth Mulan Chu Chao
Angela Chao With Her Father Dr. James Chao And Mother Ruth Mulan Chu Chao (Source: AngelaChao)

Known for her commitment to crew well-being and environmental sustainability, Angela’s influence extended far beyond her executive duties.

The details of the accident remain under investigation, but the profound loss of a visionary leader at the age of 50 is keenly felt by those who admired and respected her.

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