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Who Is Erika Donalds, Byron Donalds Wife? Ethnicity, Kids & Family

Byron Donalds wife, Erika Donalds, is a finance professional who has actively engaged in education activism and conservative politics.

Byron Lowell Donalds, born on October 28, 1978, is an American politician and financial expert who originates from Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Donalds graduated from Florida A&M University and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Marketing from Florida State University.

He initiated his professional journey in 2003 as a credit analyst at TIB Bank. Subsequently, his engagement with the Tea Party movement led to encouragement for him to enter the political arena.

Donalds Is Originally From Brooklyn But Later Moved To Florida
Donalds Is Originally From Brooklyn But Later Moved To Florida (Source: Instagram)

Byron Donalds began his political career upon his election to the Florida House of Representatives in 2016.

Donalds presently holds the position of U.S. Representative for Florida’s 19th Congressional District, a role he has filled since 2021.

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Who Is Erika Donalds, Byron Donalds Wife? Ethnicity

Byron’s wife, Erika Donalds, a native of the United States, was born in 1980 and comes from a family of white ethnicity.

Being married to a black man, she endured some online bullying “racist attacks.” She bravely confronted racially-charged online attacks, sharing screenshots of individuals targeting her based on her skin color.

These reprehensible comments stem from her marriage to a Black Republican lawmaker, underscoring the urgency to combat racism in all its forms.

Regarding Erika’s professional and educational background, she completed her undergraduate degree in Accounting from Florida State University.

Later, she earned a Master’s in Accountancy from Florida Atlantic University and holds certifications as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA).

Erika Donalds, serving as Chief Financial Officer, boasts over two decades of invaluable experience in the financial services sector.

Her career includes notable tenure as Chief Financial Officer and partner at a prestigious multi-billion dollar investment management firm.

Erika Donalds Was Born In 1980
Erika Donalds Was Born In 1980 (Source: Facebook)

Besides, Erika Donalds has also played an active role in both politics. In her engagement in political activism, she was selected by Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran to serve on the 2017-2018 Constitution Revision Commission.

Additionally, she served as a member in the Collier County School Board from 2014 to 2018 and led pro-charter activists in founding the short-lived Florida Coalition of School Board Members.

Donalds also holds positions on advisory boards for the Classical Learning Test, Moms for Liberty, and the Independent Women’s Forum Education Freedom Center.

Additionally, Erika Donalds has harbored a deep passion for education. In 2017, she established Optima Ed, which offers management support for a classical charter school in Florida affiliated with Hillsdale College.

Erika Donalds Kids & Family

Erika Donalds is the wife of Congressman Byron Donalds, presently representing Florida’s 19th Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives.

The couple initially connected through a business fraternity at Florida State University, where Erika extended an invitation to Byron to attend her church.

Two years later, they exchanged vows on March 15, 2003, marking the beginning of a journey that has spanned over two decades.

Erika Donalds With Her Family
Erika Donalds With Her Family (Source: Instagram)

Together, they are blessed with three children: Damon, Darin, and Mason. They reside as a family in Naples, Florida.

Erika Donalds and her husband Byron have been dedicated to offering invaluable financial counseling to numerous families.

Additionally, they have actively participated in the youth ministry of their church, Living Word Family Church, since 2002.

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