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Crew Gaines Disability: Chip And Joanna Son Down Syndrome Rumor

Crew Gaines Disability? Is it true that Crew Gaines, who just turned five, might have a disability? Let’s explore and get the facts.

Joanna Gaines With Her Husband Chip Gaines
Joanna Gaines With Her Husband Chip Gaines (Source: Instagram)

Joanna and Chip Gaines, well-known TV hosts of Fixer Upper, started the show on May 23, 2013, and it ran for five seasons, concluding in April 2018.

The show’s home renovation theme resonated with fans, and the couple’s chemistry and appealing personalities made it even more enjoyable.

Outside of TV, they’ve been flipping houses since 2003 through their company, Magnolia Realty Real Estate.

However, recently, people have been curious about their son Crew Gaines, and whether there might be a hidden disability that the couple is not sharing with the public.

Crew Gaines Disability: Chip And Joanna Son Down Syndrome Rumor

Joanna and Chip Gaines got married in 2003, two years after they started dating. They have five children: Drake, Ella, Duke, Emmie, and the youngest, Crew.

Crew has been in the spotlight lately, as his parents regularly share updates about him on social media.

The increased attention on Crew has sparked some speculation about a possible disability, with rumors suggesting Down Syndrome or Hydrops Fetalis.

Crew Gaines Down Syndrome Rumor Is False
Crew Gaines Down Syndrome Rumor Is False (Source: Instagram)

Despite fan concerns, Joanna and Chip have not addressed these rumors publicly. Some fans believe Crew’s photos indicate a potential disability, leading to curiosity and worry among their followers.

While Joanna and Chip have remained silent on the matter, some fans interpret this as a sign that there may be no cause for concern.

Given the couple’s active presence on social media, fans feel that if there were a serious issue, they would have addressed it by now.

At the moment, the mystery surrounding Crew Gaines’ health remains unresolved.

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Ultrasound Raises Health Concerns: Was The Rumors About Crew Gaines Disability Even Before His Birth?

In early 2018, Joanna Gaines shared a video on social media featuring an ultrasound. Fans initially expressed excitement, genuinely happy for the couple.

However, concern arose when a doctor viewed the ultrasound and suggested the possibility of Hydrops Fetalis, indicating potential disability at birth for Crew Gaines.

Joanna Gaines' Ultrasound Raised Son Crew Gaines Disability Rumor
Joanna Gaines’ Ultrasound Raised Son Crew Gaines Disability Rumor (Source: Instagram)

Hydrops Fetalis is a serious condition where abnormal fluid accumulation in the body can be life-threatening.

Despite the physician’s observation in the short video, it was just an initial speculation.

Is There An Ongoing Discussion Even After The Birth Of Chip And Joanna’s Son?

After Crew Gaines was born, it became clear that the speculated condition was untrue, and he didn’t have any disability as previously thought.

However, Joanna Gaines’s social media post caused an unnecessary ruckus.

This time, the concern wasn’t about Crew Gaines or any disability, but rather about his vaccination.

Joanna Gaines' Husband, Chip Gaines And Son, Crew Gaines
Joanna Gaines’ Husband, Chip Gaines And Son, Crew Gaines (Source: Instagram)

Many people strongly against vaccines filled the comments on Joanna Gaines’ Instagram post. Fans commented that the photo indicated a visit to the doctor for the newborn’s weigh-in.

The anti-vaccine group suspected that the intention was to vaccinate the recently born baby.

The comments section was buzzing with activity, but Joanna Gaines stayed quiet on the issue.

Her supporters rapidly came to her aid, asserting that it was just a routine weigh-in and nothing more.

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