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Who Is Cody Morris, Christopher Landon Husband? Kids

Christopher Landon Husband? Christopher Landon born in Los Angeles, California is a distinguished American figure in the realms of film direction, production, and screenwriting, is married to Cody Morris.

Christopher Landon, An American Filmmaker (source: Instagram)
Christopher Landon, An American Filmmaker (Source: Instagram)

Christopher Beau Landon, born February 27, 1975, is a renowned American filmmaker known for his work in horror and comedy genres.

As the youngest child of actor Michael Landon, he began his career in screenwriting, co-writing “Another Day in Paradise” and later transitioning into directing.

Landon faced industry biases after coming out as gay, leading to a move from Los Angeles to Austin.

Despite challenges, he made a successful comeback with a focus on diverse relationships in films like “Boys Life 3.”

Landon’s notable works include scripting for “Disturbia” and his involvement in the Paranormal Activity franchise. He directed films like “Burning Palms,” “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse,” and “Happy Death Day.”

While initially set to direct “Scream 7,” he expressed disappointment and announced his departure on December 23, 2023.

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Who Is Cody Morris, Christopher Landon Husband? Kids

Christopher Landon Husband: Christopher Landon a thriving figure in Hollywood, shares a loving and committed relationship with his partner, Cody Morris. They are parents to two sons named Beau and August Kelly.

He came out as gay in 1999, unfazed by potential career repercussions. He had also faced derogatory slurs in high school.

Initially, his Christian mother struggled but eventually came to terms. His stepmom, Cindy Clerico, said that she and his father suspected his sexuality.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t share his sexuality with his late father, Michael Landon. Nevertheless, he believed his father would’ve accepted him regardless.

Christopher Landon With His Partner Cody Morris And His Kids (Source: Instagram)
Christopher Landon With His Partner Cody Morris And His Kids (Source: Instagram)

Landon often shares pictures of his partner and their kids on Instagram, celebrating their happiness as a family.

He posted a post on Instagram with the caption, “6 years ago today I married this guy. Best day of my life.”

Besides this, there is not much information online about his husband. As Cody keeps a low online profile, resulting in limited information accessible about him.

Christopher Landon Father: Michael Landon

Michael Landon, an American actor and filmmaker, is renowned for roles in “Bonanza,” “Little House on the Prairie,” and “Highway to Heaven.” He graced the cover of TV Guide 22 times, second only to Lucille Ball.

When Landon was just four, his parents divorced in 1980. Following the divorce, he lived with his father until his dad passed from pancreatic cancer.

Christopher Landon With His Father Michael Landon ( Source: Instagram)
Christopher Landon With His Father Michael Landon ( Source: Instagram)

He made a post with a caption that read, “We said goodbye 30 years ago today. Blows my mind how fast time goes. But I kept my promise and have lived and loved as hard as I can. Until we meet again.”

Despite Michael’s acting career, Christopher opted for a different path, becoming a film director, producer, and screenwriter.

He proved choosing a different path was fruitful with multiple successful movies.

Moreover, his Netflix show, “We Have a Ghost,” is a personal tribute not just to his kids but also to his late father, actor Michael. With his own family in mind, he connects his work in horror to his roles as a son and a father.

As his reputation in horror storytelling grows, he aims to craft meaningful projects that resonate with audiences.

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