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Chloe Bartoli Wikipedia: Net Worth, Husband, Parents & Family

Chloe Bartoli Wikipedia: Chloe Bartoli, a renowned fashion stylist, was born on June 26, 1990, in Los Angeles, California. Notably, she shares her stylish talents with her twin sister, Marie-Lou, who is also a fashion stylist.

Together, they have left an indelible mark on the fashion industry, curating looks for celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, Selena Gomez, and Nicole Richie, among others.

The dynamic duo has developed genuine friendships with some of their clients, including the likes of Jared Leto.

Chloe and Marie-Lou showcase their impressive portfolio on a fashion website, offering a glimpse into their latest triumphs in the world of style.

Moreover, the sisters have ventured into the business realm with the launch of “Redun,” a unique platform specializing in selling limited reworked vintage Levi’s.

Chloe Bartoli (Source: Instagram)

Chloe’s fame is rooted in her impeccable sense of style, often working alongside her twin sister to create visually stunning and trendsetting looks.

While she was previously speculated to be romantically linked with Jared Leto, these rumors were dispelled, affirming that their relationship is purely platonic.

More recently, Chloe has been spotted in close proximity to Scott Disick, adding an intriguing layer to her personal life.

In essence, Chloe Bartoli is not just a fashion icon but a tastemaker who, along with her sister, continues to leave an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of style and fashion.

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Chloe Bartoli Wikipedia

Net Worth

Chloe Bartoli, an American stylist and prominent figure in social circles, boasts a net worth of $500 thousand.

Her professional journey is currently aligned with Curve, a renowned chain of fashion boutiques founded by celebrity stylist Nevena Borrisova.

Chloe’s distinctive rock star-inspired fashion choices have significantly shaped the overall aesthetic of Curve, showcasing her influence in the realm of high-end fashion.

Known for her keen sense of style, Chloe Bartoli has carved a niche for herself in the competitive fashion world.

With a net worth reflecting her success and a role at Curve, she epitomizes style and plays a pivotal role in steering the brand toward unparalleled heights.


Chloe Bartoli is not married. However, she is known to have dated a number of high-profile celebrities in the past.

Among her past relationships is her entanglement with Scott Disick.

Scott Disick, star of the Kardashian empire, has again found himself in the spotlight due to his recent rendezvous with Chloe Bartoli, his ex-girlfriend.

The pair, who were first linked in 2006, were seen together in St. Barts, sparking rumors and speculation about their relationship status.

Notably, Scott Disick, 40, shares a history with Chloe Bartoli, 33, predating his serious relationship with Kourtney Kardashian Barker.

Despite his three children with Kardashian Barker — Mason, Penelope, and Reign — the recent reunion with Bartoli has captured attention.

Chloe Bartoli, a celebrity stylist, was last assumed to be in a relationship as of October, evident from her Instagram birthday tribute to Adam Bernhard, founder of HauteLook.

Instagram Birthday Tribute To Adam Bernhard (Source: Instagram)

The tribute highlighted their family life, which includes two children, Ozzy and Van, born in 2022. The couple is connected both personally and professionally, co-founding the luxury women’s clothing brand Eterne LLC.

This reunion between Scott Disick and Chloe Bartoli is not their first encounter since their initial split.

In 2015, they were photographed enjoying each other’s company poolside in Monte Carlo.

This public display of closeness created tension with Kourtney Kardashian Barker, as sources revealed the strain it caused in their relationship.

As the saga unfolds, the reunion between Scott Disick and Chloe Bartoli raises questions about the dynamics between former flames and the complexities that come with intertwining personal and professional lives.

The headlines once again shine a spotlight on the intricate relationships within the Kardashian orbit.

Chloe Bartoli Wikipedia | Parents & Family

Chloe Bartoli, born on June 25, 1990, in Los Angeles, California, emerged into the world as one half of a set of twins.

Raised alongside her sister, Marielou Bartoli, in Los Angeles, the Bartoli twins share a unique bond that is further accentuated by their French heritage.

Their parents, originally hailing from Paris, France, made the transformative decision to relocate to Los Angeles before the birth of the Bartoli sisters.

The twins, being fluent in French, carry a rich cultural connection to their roots.

Details about their father remain relatively undisclosed, but the matriarch of the Bartoli twins is identified as Isabelle Chretien Li.

Chloe consistently uses her Instagram platform to express deep admiration and affection for her parents, often sharing heartwarming pictures that glimpse the love they share as a family.

While details about Chloe’s early life and childhood remain somewhat elusive, it is known that she attended Bell High School in California, laying the foundation for her journey into the dynamic world of fashion.

Currently, Chloe and Marielou cohabit in a charming bungalow nestled in the Beverly Glen area of Los Angeles.

Chloe’s Mom Holding Her And Her Sister (Source: Instagram)

Their shared living space not only serves as a testament to their close relationship but also acts as a canvas for expressing their individual fashion preferences.

Despite being identical twins, the Bartoli sisters craft distinct style statements, showcasing their unique tastes.

Chloe, with a penchant for vintage Oscar de la Renta, clear-lensed Celine aviators, and Haider Ackermann boots exudes a timeless and sophisticated allure.

On the other hand, Marielou gravitates towards Prada silk shirts, Gianvito Rossi mules, and Fendi bags, cultivating her own fashion narrative.

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