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Alaia Baldwin Wikipedia & Details About The Sister Of Hailey Bieber

Alaia Baldwin has been in the spotlight since her recent arrest for assault. People are constantly searching for Alaia Baldwin Wikipedia page to know about her personal life.

Alaia Baldwin Aronow, sister of Hailey Bieber and daughter of Stephen Baldwin, was arrested and charged with simple assault and simple battery after an alleged altercation at a bar in Savannah, Georgia.

A representative from the Savannah Police Department informed that Aronow, a model and influencer, was apprehended at a residence in the city following a physical confrontation at Club Elan on February 24.

According to details from a police report accessed, security footage reportedly depicted Aronow attempting to enter an employee bathroom forcefully.

Two bouncers and a bartender claimed they informed Aronow she was not permitted to enter and directed her to use the public restroom.

Alaia Baldwin Wikipedia: Alaia Baldwin, An American Model And Entrepreneur
Alaia Baldwin, An American Model And Entrepreneur (Source: Instagram)

Allegedly, Alaia became confrontational in response to this instruction, as stated in the report.

One of the bouncers informed the police that Aronow pulled his hair. The other bouncer, who asserted that he restrained the model in a bear hug, alleged that Aronow kicked him in the genitals, as outlined in the report.

According to a bartender at Club Elan who was interviewed by the police, Aronow reportedly stated that she needed to use the bathroom to vomit and change her tampon.

The bartender allegedly granted her a few minutes to do so, as per the report. However, upon returning, Aronow purportedly threw a tampon at the bartender. Later, Alaia was ejected from the bar.

Following the incident, police received a call from Aronow, who claimed she had been forcefully removed from the club.

During her conversation with the police, Aronow allegedly denied throwing the tampon at the bartender initially. However, according to the report, she later admitted to throwing it.

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Alaia Baldwin Wikipedia & Details About The Sister Of Hailey Bieber

Alaia Baldwin is an American model and entrepreneur, born on January 24, 1993. She hails from Nyack, New York.

Baldwin is an American model and fashion enthusiast. She is known as the eldest daughter of Stephen Baldwin, who is an actor, producer, and author.

Stephen Baldwin is part of the famous “Baldwin brothers.” Alaia’s mother is Kennya Baldwin, an artist and graphics designer originally from Brazil.

Alaia Baldwin, the eldest among her model cousins, including her sister Hailey and cousin Ireland Baldwin, made her mark in the modeling industry at a later stage.

Alaia Baldwin Wikipedia: Alaia Baldwin With Her Sister Hailey Bieber
Alaia Baldwin With Her Sister Hailey Bieber (Source: Instagram)

In October 2015, at 22, she was discovered by renowned model manager Rene Gonzalez and signed by the newly established talent agency, State Management, during New York Fashion Week.

By this time, Hailey had already gained exposure by walking the runway for Tommy Hilfiger and Philipp Plein at New York and Milan fashion weeks.

However, this was Alaia‚Äôs breakthrough moment in modeling, despite her prior work with Major Models which wasn’t as successful as her siblings’.

Upon signing the new deal, Alaia moved to New York City to focus on her modeling career full-time.

Her distinctive look, with brunette hair and smoky eyes, set her apart from her blonde sisters, allowing her to carve a niche in edgy high-end fashion modeling.

Though she still lags behind her sisters in terms of social media fame, Alaia is rapidly gaining followers on Instagram, currently boasting 160k followers.

Alaia Baldwin: Relationship Timeline

For a significant period, Alaia Baldwin was romantically involved with Andrew Aronow, who is known as the producer of Pocket Aces Productions, LLC and the documentary Fandom.

During their relationship, the couple openly displayed affection on social media platforms.

Approximately a month before their wedding, they enjoyed a vacation together, sharing snapshots from their trip on Instagram.

On September 2nd, 2017, Alaia and Andrew exchanged vows in an outdoor ceremony held at Blue Hill restaurant at Stone Barns in Westchester County, New York.

Hailey, Alaia’s sister, fulfilled the role of maid of honor, while her cousin Ireland served as one of the bridesmaids.

Contrary to the traditional white gown, Alaia wore, the maid of honor and all bridesmaids donned black dresses, creating a striking contrast.

Alaia Baldwin Wikipedia: Alaia Baldwin With Her Husband Andrew Aronow
Alaia Baldwin With Her Husband Andrew Aronow (Source: Instagram)

The wedding festivities were extensively documented on social media, with Hailey, Ireland, and Alaia’s friend Sailor Brinkley-Cook sharing pictures and videos.

In August 2018, the couple expanded their family by adopting a puppy named Domino from Beni Pomskies.

On August 17, 2020, Alaia and Andrew joyfully welcomed their first child, a daughter whom they named Iris Elle Aronow, marking the completion of their family.

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