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Lydia Peckham Wikipedia: Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes Cast Member

Lydia Peckham Wikipedia? Lydia Peckham, a Netflix series ‘Cowboy Bebop’ star, was born to her parents in Nelson, New Zealand. However, her exact birth date is yet to be known. Our speculation suggests she was born around 1996 making her currently 27 years old as of 2023.

Lydia Peckham A Kiwi Actress And Model
Lydia Peckham A Kiwi Actress And Model (Source: IMDb)

Lydia is an acclaimed Kiwi actress, model, television personality, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. She has made a notable mark in the entertainment industry with her phenomenal acting skills.

From an early age, Lydia Peckham had a strong desire to become an actress. Information from her Facebook profile indicates that she graduated from Nelson College for Girls.

After that, she pursued her passion for acting by enrolling at the New Zealand Drama School to further enhance her skills and knowledge in the field.

As an actress, she notably appeared in movies such as ‘Only Cloud knows’ (2019), ‘Mr. Corman’ (2021), ‘True Love’ (2021).

Moreover, she rose to prominence for her portrayal of Katerina in the Netflix series Cowboy Bebop. Cowboy Bebop was released on November 19, 2021.

Furthermore, Peckham also gained recognition as a model in the fashion industry. According to the sources, she is managed by Johnson & Laird Management (NZ).

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Lydia Peckham Wikipedia: Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes Cast Member

Lydia Peckham Wikipedia: Lydia Peckham, a Kiwi actress and model, was born into a well-settled business family. She worships the Christian religion and holds a mixed ethnic background of European descent.

Her father is a businessman, while her mother runs her own Beverage brand called ‘Peckham’s Cider.’

On her Instagram, Laura Jarrett frequently posts pictures with her family, providing insights into her personal life. Notably, she introduces her brother, Hugo Peckham, who is recognized for his musical talents.

Lydia Peckham With Her Mother
Lydia Peckham With Her Mother (Source: Instagram)

How did she land a role in Wes Ball’s movie? Lydia was on her own in Nelson when asked to send an audition tape to Hollywood and she creatively bungy-tied her camera to a tree record herself.

The audition tape consists of the scenic backdrop of Mount Arthur as she filmed herself acting the role she hoped to land.

Lydia Peckham and Sara Wiseman, both Kiwi actors, are featured prominently in the latest installment of the renowned franchise, ‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.’

Lydia who initiated filming in Sydney late last year, is part of an ensemble cast that includes William H. Macy from Shameless, Freya Allen from The Witcher, Dichen Lachman, and Neil Sandilands.

Following two TV series and a 2001 remake, the franchise has produced several prequel films in the past decade. ‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ is positioned years after the most recent movie in the series, ‘War for the Planet of the Apes,’ which premiered in 2017.

Lydia Peckham: Relationship & Net worth

Lydia Peckham Wikipedia: Lydia has shared through her Instagram posts that she is in a long-term romantic relationship with her boyfriend, William Barber.

On her social media accounts, she has posted numerous photos featuring herself and her partner. According to sources, Lydia’s boyfriend is an adventurer and social media influencer.

Their shared interests include fishing, hiking, and traveling, as seen in numerous photos posted by Peckham on her Instagram account of herself and William enjoying these activities together.

Lydia Peckham And Her Boyfriend William Barber
Lydia Peckham And Her Boyfriend William Barber (Source: Instagram)

Lydia Peckham has built a successful career in acting, contributing to an estimated net worth ranging between $1 million-$2 million as of 2024.

Due to her amazing acting skills, she is now the part of 2024 production movie ‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.’ Fans are very excited to see her in this highly acclaimed movie.

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