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Carlyn Ocampo Siblings: Brother Carlvic Ocampo & Sister Zeal Ocampo: Family

Carlyn Ocampo Siblings? Carlyn Ocampo was born as one of the four children of Carlito and Vicky Ocampo. She grew up with one sister and two brothers.

Carlyn Ocampo, A Filipino Actress And YouTube Sensation (Source: Facebook)

Carlyn Cabel Ocampo, born on November 15, 1995, made her mark in the Philippine entertainment scene as a member of the girl group Pop Girls in 2014.

After the release of two singles, the group quietly disbanded in 2017. Carlyn then ventured onto the international stage by joining Z-Girls in 2019, debuting with the single “What You Waiting For” on February 22, 2019.

Despite her success with Z-Girls, Carlyn announced her departure in June 2021 due to her pregnancy.

In addition to her musical pursuits, Carlyn has showcased her acting skills in films like “Class 3-C Has a Secret” (2016), “Happy Breakup” (2017), and “Cry No Fear” (2018). Her ability to seamlessly transition between music and acting demonstrates her versatility in the entertainment industry.

Beyond her professional achievements, Carlyn maintains an active presence on YouTube, sharing lifestyle vlogs that offer fans a glimpse into her daily life and interests.

Moreover, Carlyn Ocampo’s multifaceted career and online presence exemplify her dynamic contributions to the contemporary Filipino entertainment landscape.

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Carlyn Ocampo Siblings: Brother Carlvic Ocampo & Sister Zeal Ocampo

Carlyn Ocampo Siblings? Carlyn Ocampo is embraced by a closely-knit family that includes her three siblings: her two brothers, Carlvic and Kenneth, and her sister, Zeal.

Kenneth, the younger of the two brothers, frequently joins Carlyn in her lighthearted TikTok videos, illustrating the playful and supportive dynamics that define their relationship.

On the other hand, Zeal, Carlyn’s sister, emerges as a distinctive member of the Ocampo siblings, expressing her individuality through a passion for anime, particularly evident in her Facebook profile picture featuring the beloved character Boruto.

Carlyn Ocampo Siblings, Two Brothers And One Sister (Source: Facebook)

This shared interest not only adds a unique flavor to the family dynamic but also showcases the diverse yet harmonious nature of the Ocampo siblings’ relationships.

The Ocampo family’s closeness extends beyond physical proximity, finding expression in the digital realm as they actively participate in each other’s online presence.

Through these shared experiences and mutual support, the Ocampo siblings exemplify a strong, interconnected family unit that stands as a testament to the enduring power of familial bonds.

Carlyn Ocampo Family: Husband And kids

Carlyn Ocampo, a proud daughter of accomplished individuals, Carlito and Vicky Ocampo, was nurtured in a family steeped in academic achievements.

The educational legacy began with her parents graduating in 1979, Carlito from the University of the Philippines Diliman, and Vicky from Silliman University.

Carlyn’s own family took root with her partner Von Ordona, a gaming video creator. While their marital status remains undisclosed, their life together has been enriched with the arrival of their daughter, Lakeisha, born on December 14, 2021.

Carlyn Ocampo With Von Ordona And Their Daughter (Source: Facebook)

The couple shared the joyous news of expecting their second child through a heartwarming YouTube video, unveiling the gender – another precious girl to join their family.

Von Ordona frequently graces Carlyn’s videos, providing viewers with a glimpse into their shared journey of parenthood.

Despite the private nature of their marital status, Carlyn’s life reflects a harmonious blend of family, professional success, and the joys of raising their children together with Von.

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