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Raegan Revord Sister: Parents, Age & Family

Raegan Revord Sister: Raegan Revord, born on January 3rd, 2008, is a talented actress hailing from San Diego, California, USA.

Currently residing in the bustling entertainment hub of Los Angeles, Raegan shares her home with her parents and is surrounded by the love of four adorable rescue dogs.

A natural-born performer, Revord has made her mark on the small screen with her captivating portrayal of “Missy Cooper” in the widely acclaimed CBS comedy Young Sheldon.

This young star brings to life the character of the sassy and brash twin sister to Sheldon, earning her a dedicated fan following.

Raegan Revord Sister
Raegan Revord (Source: Instagram)

Young Sheldon has become a primetime favorite, consistently attracting millions of viewers.

Notably, the second season finale drew in just under 14 million total viewers, a testament to the show’s widespread appeal.

Such is the show’s immense popularity that it has been renewed for both a third and fourth season simultaneously, a rare and impressive feat in the television industry.

Raegan Revord’s compelling performance and the show’s success underscores her rising prominence in entertainment.

With a promising future ahead, Raegan continues to shine onscreen, captivating audiences with her undeniable talent and charm.

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Raegan Revord Sister


Holly Revord, an American national, hails from San Francisco.

While she may not be a household name herself, she is best recognized as the supportive and nurturing mother of Raegan Revord, a rising teen actress who has captured the hearts of many with her outstanding acting skills.

Despite the mystery surrounding the identity of Raegan’s father, Holly has been a steadfast presence in her daughter’s life since the beginning of her acting journey.

Holly’s support has been crucial to Raegan’s success, providing a stable foundation for her burgeoning career.

As a private figure, not extensively known in the public eye, Holly maintains a certain level of presence on the internet.

While she may not be seeking the spotlight, her role in supporting Raegan’s endeavors is evident, showcasing the importance of family in the young actress’s life.

In the midst of the entertainment industry’s glitz and glamour, Holly stands as a testament to the behind-the-scenes support and guidance that often contribute significantly to the success of talented individuals like her daughter.

Sister & Age

Raegan Revord Sister: Celebrating her birthday on January 3, Raegan finds herself a half-year older than her on-screen twin-brother, Iain Armitage (Sheldon), who entered the world in July of the same year.

While she skillfully navigates the complex family dynamics on “Young Sheldon,” in real life, Raegan is an only child, bringing a unique perspective to her portrayal of the spirited Missy Cooper.

Beyond the scripted world of the Cooper family, Raegan shares a close bond with her Young Sheldon fictional brothers.

Raegan Revord With Her OnScreen Sibling (Source: Instagram)

During the hiatus, the two embark on off-screen adventures, exploring amusement parks, catching movies, and creating lasting memories together.

In a revealing interview, Raegan expressed her fondness for the family dynamics portrayed in “Young Sheldon,” given her lack of siblings in real life.

She particularly treasures her on-screen relationship with Montana Jordan (Georgie), who treats her like a genuine little sister, adding a heartfelt touch to their portrayal of sibling camaraderie.

This insight into Raegan’s off-screen connections enriches the viewer’s understanding of the genuine friendships contributing to the on-screen magic of “Young Sheldon.”

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