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Who Is Arthur Hector Fernandez III Houston? Gang Rape Case & Sexual Assault

Arthur Hector Fernandez III Houston: An individual identified as Arthur Fernandez III, currently under federal custody, faces charges related to the alleged sexual assault of toddlers at the Galleria, with the additional distressing element of disseminating incriminating videos online.

The documented evidence reveals a troubling pattern of assault, depicted explicitly in four succinct online videos that portray the sexual victimization of two 2-year-old children.

Notably, the videos indicate the presence of multiple perpetrators during these reprehensible incidents.

Arthur Hernandez (Source: Heavey)

According to official court records, Arthur Fernandez III gained proximity to the victims through their mothers, who were employed at the Galleria.

In instances where childcare arrangements were challenging, these mothers occasionally brought their children to the workplace.

Significantly, Fernandez, employed at a nearby kiosk within the mall, purportedly extended offers to supervise and care for the toddlers.

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Who Is Arthur Hector Fernandez III Houston?

During these instances, Fernandez, 29, allegedly took the child into a restroom, where purported assaults occurred, with recordings made of these reprehensible acts.

Shockingly, in these videos, the auditory component captures the voices of over seven individuals making explicit comments and engaging in assaultive behavior toward the child.

However, it is essential to note that, as of now, only Fernandez faces charges related to these incidents.

In an interview with Torrence White from the FBI on Tuesday, Eyewitness News learned that, while White refrained from commenting on the specific case, he issued a cautionary statement to parents.

White emphasized that, regrettably, a significant number of perpetrators are individuals already known to the victims.

He highlighted that these wrongdoers often include family members, teachers, and community members.

White pointed out the common misconception of associating predators with unfamiliar individuals, emphasizing that most cases involve individuals within one’s social circles.

Houston’s Galleria Mall (Source: Heavy)

The origin of the investigation traces back to an Australian group focused on child sex crimes that discovered the incriminating videos online and promptly alerted the FBI.

With the assistance of the FBI, one of the children in the videos was identified, leading to contact with the mother. The mother, in turn, could recognize Fernandez by the specific jewelry and footwear he wore in the videos.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the second child involved in the distressing incidents was found to be related to Fernandez’s ex-boyfriend.

The mother of this child similarly identified Fernandez based on distinctive attire observed in the incriminating videos.

However, it is essential to note that the other individuals’ identities in the videos remain unknown.

The FBI emphasized the collaborative efforts required on a global scale to address these disturbing cases.


Arthur Fernandez III remains in custody, having been deemed a significant threat to the community. U.S. Magistrate Judge Andrew Edison, citing the “overwhelming” and “revolting” nature of the evidence, emphasized in his detention order that he could not allow the defendant to pose a risk to any other minors.

The court concluded that no combination of release conditions would be sufficient to ensure public safety.

The investigation into Fernandez’s activities at the Galleria Mall unveiled a disturbing discovery: at least four videos depicting the sexual abuse of very young children.

These videos, believed to have been shared on a dark web forum, caught the attention of the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation, leading to their alerting FBI officials, according to details obtained from a KPRC 2 report.

The FBI’s primary focus remains on swiftly identifying and assisting the victims. FBI Houston Supervisory Special Agent Torrence White stated, “Once we get it, it’s a thorough review.

All hands on deck.” The suspect’s identification was partly facilitated by images found on social media and the recognition of distinctive silver bracelets frequently worn by Fernandez, matching those seen in the videos.

Arthur Hernandez Court Document (Source: Heavy)

Katharine Chirla from the Children’s Assessment Center emphasized the importance of recognizing subtle signs of abuse, noting that most perpetrators are known and trusted by the victims.

In an interview with KPRC 2, she explained the significance of the “outcry witness,” the first person a child confides in, stressing the need for a loving, supportive, and non-judgmental response.

The investigation remains ongoing, and authorities have suggested that additional arrests may follow as more information comes to light.

This case is a stark reminder of the potential dangers within familiar environments, underscoring the critical role of vigilance and community awareness in combating such heinous crimes.

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