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Amy Ross Lopez Daughter: McKenna Breinholt – Family

Amy Ross Lopez daughter, McKenna Breinholt is a singer-songwriter who rose to prominence after she auditioned in the 22nd season of ‘American Idol,’ performing “There Was Jesus”.

Amy Ross Lopez, McKenna Breinhold’s biological mother, established herself as an Arizona artist through performances with the folk duo Nowhere Man and A Whiskey Girl.

Amy, a notable figure in the music industry, had garnered attention for her contributions and her daughter, McKenna Breinholt.

McKenna Breinholt Is A Contentant Of American Idol Season 22
McKenna Breinholt Is A Contentant Of American Idol Season 22 (Source: Instagram)

It was in 2021 that Breinholt discovered her birth mother’s identity to be Amy Ross Lopez, who passed away in October 2013 due to complications from lupus.

Sharing her poignant tale of birth and adoption with judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie during her American Idol audition, she experienced a heartwarming reunion with her birth family.

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Amy Ross Lopez Daughter: McKenna Breinholt – Family

Amy Ross Lopez daughter, McKenna Breinholt, entered the world in the year 1999 to American musician parents.

When questioned about her family’s musical background, McKenna disclosed to the American Idol judges that she was adopted.

She explained:

I found out I was adopted as early as I could understand it. My mom struggled for several years trying to get pregnant and eventually they decided to go through the adoption process. I have the best family in the world. They’ve always supported me. When I was 21, I sat my parents down and told them to tell me any information they had on my birth mom. They told me her name was Amy Ross Lopez. She was a musician and she had passed away. I just wanted to know where I came from.

McKenna, a 25-year-old hailing from Gilbert, Arizona, revealed that singing runs deep in her DNA.

The revelation that her birth mother shared her love for singing was pivotal for Breinholt, bringing clarity to her lifelong passion. “It’s like a missing puzzle piece,” she muses, “finally understanding where it all began.”

Breinholt shared with the judges that she had connected with her birth family last summer. Despite relying on FaceTime for communication, Breinholt indicated they had arranged to meet in person three weeks after her American Idol audition.

Arizona Based Singer, McKenna Breinholt
Arizona Based Singer McKenna Breinholt (Source: Instagram)

However, Breinholt was unaware that on the opposite side of the door, several members of her birth family awaited her arrival.

Of all the moments arranged by the show’s producers, the scene of her grandmother eagerly awaiting their meeting left the greatest impact on her when she watched the edited clip.

Looking back on the moment, she reveals that seeing her and sensing the emotions pulsating in the room she occupied was the element that triggered the most emotional response within her, particularly when her birth grandma walked in.

Breinholt began playing piano at the tender age of six, and by the time she was 12 or 13, she had already started singing.

Many videos have featured her rendition of “Hallelujah”, showcasing her talent. She’s composed numerous singles, including tracks like “Shooting Stars” and “I Wanted You.”

She has maintained confidentiality regarding the names of her adoptive parents. Yet, she did mention watching her audition video with her adoptive mother, where both were deeply moved, Breinholt reveals.

McKenna Breinholt’s Performance on “American Idol” Moves Judges to Tears

“American Idol” returned for its 22nd season on February 18, 2024, featuring McKenna Breinholt’s touching audition that brought tears to viewers’ eyes.

Her audition was so emotionally powerful that the show’s producers edited it into a 4-and-a-half-minute clip for a sneak peek of the season premiere.

Performing “There Was Jesus,” a Grammy-winning duet by Zach Williams and Dolly Parton, on piano, she impressed all three judges with her poignant rendition.

Judge Katy Perry lauded the singer for her “signature, raspy” voice, while fellow judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie showered her with additional praise.

McKenna Breinholt Reconnects With Her Birth Family Following Her Impressive Audition In 'American Idol'
McKenna Breinholt Reconnects With Her Birth Family Following Her Impressive Audition In ‘American Idol’ (Source: Facebook)

Bryan remarked that you’re extremely poised and have a good handle on your performance. You’ve really got it figured out.

Richie eagerly voiced his excitement to see more from Breinholt. “I love exactly what you did,” he exclaimed, expressing his fondness for the quality of her voice.

Dolly Parton described McKenna’s audition as “a blessing,” expressing that it seemed like a blessing for her to sing it, and she believes McKenna felt it was a blessing to have her loved ones there.

The moment’s gravity was apparent to everyone when discussing her family dynamics on the show. Katy Perry, too, was moved to tears.

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