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Who Are Sebastian Villasenor Parents? Student Plotted Shooting At Southern California HS

Sebastian Villasenor parents identity, who cooperated with police in investigating the South California High School shooting plot, is kept discrete.

Sebastian Villasenor, born in 2006, is a student at Ontario Christian High School in Southern California.

On February 10, 2024, he was arrested for alleged plotting of school shootings at his own high school.

One of the students at the high school noticed something was off about Villasenor on the day of his arrest and reported it to the principal, Ben Dykhouse.

Sebastian Villasenor Parents
Ontario Christian High School (Source: YouTube)

The student said Villasenor could harm them and other students at the high school. So, Ben informed the police about the possible threat immediately.

Likewise, the Ontario Police Department was quick to react, and Villasenor was arrested at his home in Eastvale.

Ontario Police Chief Lorenz informed the 18-year-old had possession of seven rifles, two revolvers, more than a thousand rounds of ammunition, and a shotgun.

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Who Are Sebastian Villasenor Parents? Student Plotted Shooting At Southern California HS

As mentioned above, Sebastian Villasenor, who was arrested for an attempted school shootout, had access to different weapons.

Reportedly, the firearms that Villasenor possessed were registered under his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Villasenor.

Sebastian Villasenor’s parents cooperated with the Ontario Police Department for the investigation. However, as of February 2024, their identities have been kept hidden.

After the course of an investigation, Chief Lorenz said Sebastian was obsessed with school shootings and had every intention of carrying out the shoot-out at Ontario High School.

Sebastian Villasenor Parents
Sebastian Villasenor Posing With His Parents Firearms (Source: YouTube)

According to Chief, the shooting was planned to be on April 20, marking the 25th Anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Sebstain Villasenor also google mapped the distance from the Ontario Police Department to the high school to get an idea about the police’s response time.

On Wednesday, February 10, Villasenor was charged with five counts of attempted murder and one count of attempted criminal threats and was scheduled to be at the Cucamonga Superior Court on February 15.

At the court on February 15, Villasenor pled not guilty. However, the district attorney has requested for him to be held without bail. 

Furthermore, he is scheduled to be at the court again on Tuesday, February 20, 2024.

Who Were Sebastian Villasenor’s Main Targets?

As far as the investigation has gone, police initially said Villasenor did not have any hit list but was fixated on shooting five Ontario high school students and was contemplating on the sixth victim.

Later, on the charging documents, the names of the targeted students were revealed. Villasenor planned to shoot five girls named Jane Doe and a guy named John Doe.

Sebastian Villasenor Parents
Ontario Police Chief, Lorenz (Source: YouTube)

According to the police department, Sebastian Villasenor was never bullied or cornered by any of the students at his school.

Neither did he have any specific issues with targeted students. Allegedly, he struggled with forming social relationships and picked the victims based on any interactions he had with them.

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