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Zack Fox Parents: Comedian Father Felonious Munk & Mother

In November 2023, it came to light that Zack Fox is the biological child of comedian Felonious Munk.

Zachary Channing Fox, born on December 6, 1990, is an acclaimed American stand-up comedian, rapper, writer, actor, illustrator, and internet personality.

Fox began his journey in 2013 on Twitter, where he gained a substantial following with his jokes under the alias “Bootymath.”

Over time, he transitioned into music and became part of the Awful Records collective. His profile rose in 2017 when he contributed illustrations to Thundercat’s album Drunk and acted in and wrote for the horror comedy film Kuso, directed by Flying Lotus.

Zack Fox Parents: Zack Fox, An American Stand-up Comedian, Rapper, Writer, Actor, Illustrator, And Internet Personality.
Zack Fox, An American Stand-up Comedian, Rapper, Writer, Actor, Illustrator, And Internet Personality (Source: Instagram)

In October 2018, Zack Fox collaborated with hip-hop producer Kenny Beats on his debut song “Square Up.”

The following April, he appeared on Kenny Beats’ YouTube series “The Cave,” where they recorded “Jesus Is the One (I Got Depression).”

The track unexpectedly soared to the number one spot on Spotify’s U.S. viral chart in July 2019, leading to its official release.

His single “The Bean Kicked In” from 2019 is included on FlyLo FM, a fictional radio station in the video game Grand Theft Auto V hosted by Flying Lotus.

Finally, on October 15, 2021, Zack Fox released his debut studio album “shut the f*ck up talking to me.”

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Zack Fox Parents: Comedian Father Felonious Munk & Mother

Zack Fox is the son of Felonious Munk, a comedian, and his mother. It was revealed in November 2023 that he is the biological son of Felonious.

The disclosure that Felonious Munk, an experienced comedian celebrated for his sharp wit and perceptive commentary, is the father of Zack Fox brought an intriguing dimension to Fox’s story.

In a Twitter post, Felonious Munk shared, “Seriously tho…what a night. Love you son, welcome home @zackfox.”

It intertwined Zack’s narrative with that of a revered figure in the comedy world, adding depth and complexity to his background.

Although Zack Fox’s mother’s identity remains a secret, the acknowledgment of his connection with his father illuminates the familial bond between the two comedians.

Zack Fox Parents: Felonious Munk's Twitter Post
Felonious Munk’s Twitter Post (Source: X)

This revelation piqued the interest of fans, encouraging a deeper examination of both their shared and individual experiences that have influenced their lives and careers.

In his childhood years, Fox aspired to pursue a career as a scientist, expressing a desire to emulate figures such as Neil deGrasse Tyson or Carl Sagan.

Even though the revelation about his father was made in 2023, as per previous information and interviews, he was raised as an only child by a single mother in Savannah, Georgia.

Zack demonstrated a passion for music and art despite limited access to resources and equipment.

With his mother's encouragement, Fox enrolled in art school at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, where he studied for nearly two years. However, he eventually discovered that art wasn't his true passion.

Fox expressed that the art school experience wasn’t suitable for him, realizing he didn’t aspire to pursue a traditional art career akin to working at places like Pixar or Marvel.

While acknowledging the value of those establishments, he envisioned charting his own path and pursuing independent ventures.

Zack Fox: Relationship Timeline

The versatile artist, Zack Fox has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Kat Matutina, since 2018.

Their romance blossomed after a movie-inspired first date. Zack Fox and Kat Matutina’s love story unfolded in a manner befitting their unique paths.

Zack Fox Parents: Zack Fox With His Fiancé Kat Matutina
Zack Fox With His Fiancé Kat Matutina (Source: GQ)

They connected and fell in love through the digital realm of Instagram, where their orbits intertwined as a wellness influencer and a viral comedian. They took a significant step forward by getting engaged in 2022.

His fiancée, Kat Matutina, is also a multi-talented individual. She is a DJ, hosts a sexual health podcast, and oversees fitness and holistic wellness programs.

Additionally, she is an entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in the health, natural food, and beauty sectors. The couple currently resides in Los Angeles.

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