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Who Is Yossef Hermon, Bryce Gruber Husband? Family & Net Worth

Bryce Gruber Husband? Bryce Gruber has been married to her husband, Yoseff Hermon, for over a decade.

Bryce Gruber, The Executive Editor At Today’s Parent (Source: Instagram)

Bryce Gruber, born on April 15, 1984, is a seasoned professional with a diverse and accomplished career, currently holds the prestigious position of Executive Editor at Today’s Parent since March 29, 2023.

After graduating with a degree in Medicine from Florida Atlantic University in 2002, Bryce’s journey took an unexpected turn toward writing and editing.

Residing in Woodstock, New York, she is not only a dedicated Jewish mom to five children but also the founder of The Luxury Spot, a women’s lifestyle magazine.

Bryce’s editorial prowess extends beyond her own publication, as she contributes to renowned platforms such as NBC News, TODAY, and Yahoo.

Her multifaceted career includes a stint on Bravo TV’s “Millionaire Matchmaker,” showcasing her dynamic personality. Bryce is not only a prolific writer but also a trailblazer in organizing events like the Mega Kids Challah Bake.

Despite her busy professional life, Bryce finds solace in hiking local mountains, exploring sunny beaches, and managing the demands of everyday life, epitomizing the balance between a successful career and a fulfilling personal life.

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Bryce Gruber Husband: Yoseff Hermon

Bryce Gruber Husband? The Executive Editor at Today’s Parent, Bryce Gruber, tied the knot with her husband, Yoseff Hermon, in 2012.

Yoseff (Yariv) Hermon boasts an impressive career in the real estate industry, currently serving as a Senior Agent at Oxford Property Group for the past 9 years and 6 months.

As the head of the Rental department, Yoseff stands out as the top associate in the company, leading a team of agents and demonstrating unparalleled knowledge of the Manhattan real estate market.

His expertise extends to high-end rentals, as well as facilitating buying and selling transactions for apartments in New York City.

Bryce Gruber With Her Husband, Yossef Hermon (Source: Instagram)

Prior to his tenure at Oxford Property Group, Yoseff contributed significantly to Metropolitan Property Group for a notable 9 years and 4 months.

His academic background includes studies at Baruch College, where he focused on English from 2011 to 2013, and earlier, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from Hebrew University between 1998 and 2001.

Yoseff’s commitment to excellence and his energetic approach to real estate have earned him a stellar reputation, reflected in the continuous referrals from satisfied clients who appreciate his value to every transaction.

Bryce Gruber: Family, Kids & Net Worth

Bryce Gruber’s family is a beautiful blend of love, resilience, and joy. Her oldest son, Ben, born in 2010, is from Bryce’s previous relationship. Bryce and Yoseff met in 2012, shortly after Ben was born, and have built a strong family together.

Her other four children, Rivkah (2013), Avi (2015), David (2018), and Milli Malkah (2019), are the result of her marriage to her husband, Yoseff Hermon.

Bryce Gruber's Five Kids
Bryce Gruber’s Five Kids (Source: Instagram)

In a poignant announcement on social media, Bryce shared the incredible journey of welcoming Milli Malkah into the world.

Born prematurely at only 3 pounds, Milli Malkah faced a challenging start due to placenta Accreta, a serious pregnancy complication.

Bryce and her fifth and youngest child went through a harrowing experience, with Bryce losing a significant amount of blood during childbirth.

In her post, Bryce expressed gratitude to the generous donors who contributed their red cells, playing a crucial role in saving both her and Milli’s lives.

Milli Malkah’s name carries profound significance. “Milli” is Hebrew for “who is for me?” reflecting Bryce’s deep acknowledgment of the divine presence that supported her through this difficult time. “Malkah,” meaning queen, aptly captures the spirit of this resilient little girl who overcame the odds.

Regarding her net worth, there is no authentic source that has disclosed about her exact net worth, but she possibly enjoys a net worth of around $100k as of 2024.

Additionally, as an executive editor, she must earn an average salary of around $60k per year.

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