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Who Is Terrence Bradley? Will Nathan Wade Former Law Partner Lose His License?

The media spotlight is on Terrence Bradley, who was once the law partner of Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade, as he plays a crucial role in revealing the alleged secret relationship between Fani Willis and Nathan Wade.

Terrence Bradley garnered widespread attention when he took the stand in court on February 16, 2024, unveiling text messages linked to Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Willis.

Bradley is choosing not to comment on Fani Willis and Wade’s relationship, citing attorney-client privilege.

He stated that he received counsel from the bar and is unable to disclose anything he witnessed or learned. Additionally, he emphasized that he holds a law license and is not seeking to jeopardize it.

American Prominent Divorce Lawyer, Terrence Bradley
American Prominent Divorce Lawyer, Terrence Bradley (Source: USAToday)

Admired for his mastery of the law, Bradley’s insights and contributions have been valued in different legal contexts, affirming his status as a proficient legal practitioner.

Throughout his career, he has been a central figure in numerous high-profile legal cases, showcasing his skill and tenacity in the courtroom.

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Who Is Terrence Bradley?

Notable divorce attorney and lawyer, Terrence Bradley, was born in January 1976 and originates from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. As of 2024, he has reached the age of 48.

Terrence Ahmed Bradley, named by his parents at birth, keeps tight-lipped about his family and personal affairs. With American citizenship, he traces his diverse ethnic heritage back to his familial roots.

After finishing his schooling in Atlanta in 1993, he enrolled at John Marshall Law School to pursue his legal education, graduating with a Law degree in 2007.

Terrence Bradley Was Once The Law Partner Of Nathan Wade
Terrence Bradley Was Once The Law Partner Of Nathan Wade (Source: Foxnews)

Afterward, he began his career in law, eventually forming a partnership with Nathan Wade.

As part of his professional career, he served as Wade’s legal representative in a divorce case. In 2018, Wade appointed Bradley to handle his ongoing divorce matter.

Bradley has clarified that his partnership with Wade’s law firm ended around August or September of 2022.

Bradley is currently practicing law in Georgia, actively involved in important legal matters and proceedings.

Across his career, Bradley has exhibited a steadfast commitment to justice and the maintenance of legal principles, despite encountering various challenges and controversies.

Will Nathan Wade Former Law Partner Lose His License?

Terrence Bradley resumed his testimony on February 16, 2024, taking the stand as a witness. Bradley, who was the first witness called to testify, had begun his testimony earlier and had it paused during the two-day hearing on Thursday.

Following that, attorneys in the case have been disputing whether Bradley’s testimony could infringe upon attorney-client privilege.

During the proceedings, defense counsel Ashleigh Merchant questioned Bradley about a text message exchange between them regarding the Wade-Willis relationship.

Bradley, at that time, voiced his concern about the possible loss of his law license if he answered questions about Wade, following guidance from the State Bar of Georgia, which suggested that any communications with Wade could enjoy attorney-client privilege protection.

Terrence Bradley Stands As A Witness In Revealing Fani Willis And Nathan Wade Secret Relationship
Terrence Bradley Stands As A Witness In Revealing Fani Willis And Nathan Wade Secret Relationship (Source: Fox5atlanta)

While Fani Willis, the Fulton County District Attorney, has been caught in controversy amid accusations of a romantic relationship with Nathan Wade, who is tasked with prosecuting Donald Trump.

Willis and Wade’s relationship was initially disclosed by Ashleigh Merchant, an attorney representing Trump co-defendant Michael Roman, a former campaign staffer and one-time White House aide.

Judge Scott McAfee announced on Friday, February 18, 2024, that he would examine Terrence Bradley’s text messages with prosecutor Nathan Wade following the hearing.

Currently, the judge has not definitively addressed the potential loss of Terrence Bradley’s license. The examination of the text messages he disclosed will determine the outcome regarding his license status.

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