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Who Is Lea Cayanan? Joey Graziadei’s ‘villain’ Needs To Be Sent Home Fans Say

Lea Cayanan was one of the 32 women competing for Joey Graziadei’s affection in the latest season of The Bachelor.

In a clip from the show, Lea shares that she hails from O‘ahu, Hawaii, where she was born and raised.

Cayanan mentions that her parents immigrated to the United States from the Philippines.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she is employed as an Operator Territory Manager at PepsiCo.

She started as an intern with the company in 2021 and transitioned to a full-time position in August 2022.

Lea Cayanan Works As An Operator Territory Manager At PepsiCo
Lea Cayanan Works As An Operator Territory Manager At PepsiCo (Source: Instagram)

Lea Cayanan pursued her undergraduate studies in business at Gonzaga University and earned her MBA from the University of Arizona.

As per Lea’s Instagram, she moved to Los Angeles in August 2022 to start her full-time position at PepsiCo.

She marked her first anniversary in the city this past August with a post expressing gratitude for the love, friendships, community, and memories she has experienced, indicating she feels her journey in the city is just beginning.

Lea Cayanan showcased her passion for singing by sharing a photo of herself performing on Instagram.

The Bachelor viewers might anticipate the possibility of her serenading Joey during this season, adding an extra layer of intrigue to her journey on the show.

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How did Joey Graziadei and Lea Cayanan Meet?

The latest season of The Bachelor, starring Joey Graziadei, kicked off with 32 women competing for his affection.

Among them was 23-year-old Lea Cayanan, who viewers may recognize from her previous appearance during the After the Final Rose special in 2023.

During the special, host Jesse Palmer surprised Joey by introducing him to one of his potential contestants, Lea, who was pulled from the audience.

They exchanged greetings, sparking early anticipation for their potential connection.

Lea Cayanan Opens Envelope With Joey Graziadei
Lea Cayanan Opens Envelope With Joey Graziadei (Source: YouTube)

Lea received a mysterious envelope from the show’s producers, containing a secret advantage that she was instructed not to open until arriving at the mansion.

In a dramatic moment on the latest episode of The Bachelor, Lea finally unveils the contents of the envelope, discovering that she has the power to “steal” a one-on-one date from another woman at any point in the season, up until the “Hometown” dates segment.

This twist adds an intriguing dynamic to Lea’s journey on the show, potentially altering the course of her relationship with Joey and the other contestants.

She experiences a wave of emotions upon discovering her advantage, realizing the potential ramifications it could have on both her relationships with the other contestants and Joey's connections with them. 

Tearfully, Cayanan acknowledges the conflict it may cause within the group dynamics. After careful consideration, Lea makes the heartfelt decision to relinquish her advantage.

She explains the situation to Joey, emphasizing her desire to build a genuine connection based on mutual respect and trust rather than resorting to a manipulative tactic.

In a poignant moment, Lea symbolically discards her advantage by tossing the card into the fire, eliciting cheers and applause from her fellow contestants.

This gesture not only demonstrates her integrity but also strengthens the bond among the women in the house.

Lea Cayanan, Joey Graziadei’s ‘Villain’ Needs To Be Sent Home Fans Say

The recent episode of The Bachelor took an unexpected and dramatic turn as tensions escalated between two contestants who are vying for love.

Joey Graziadei, 28, faced a significant feud between contestants Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon in recent episodes of The Bachelor.

Instead of resolving their differences through conversation, they’ve resorted to physical confrontation, adding an intense twist to the quest for affection on the show.

At the outset of Tuesday’s episode, Maria was visibly upset as Lea conversed with Joey, causing tension to escalate.

Fan criticized Lea Cayanan's Priorities, Says She Seemed More Concerned About Her Delusional Friendship With Another Contestant Than Her Genuine Connection With Joey
Fan Criticized Lea Cayanan’s Priorities, Says She Seemed More Concerned About Her Delusional Friendship With Another Contestant Than Her Genuine Connection With Joey (Source: Instagram)

Maria’s emotional state reached a breaking point, leading her to contemplate leaving the competition altogether. Despite her struggles, she ultimately chose to remain in the running for love.

Throughout the episode, whenever Lea had moments alone with the producers in confessional interviews, she consistently expressed disparaging remarks about Maria.

Lea openly shared her wish for Maria to exit the competition, expressing sadness that Syd has left, and feels frustrated that Maria remains in the competition for another week.

On the X, fans reached an agreement on two points: Lea was perceived as the “villain,” while Maria was widely supported as the ideal candidate for the next Bachelorette.

One fan expressed their admiration for Maria, highlighting how her backstory sheds light on her character and compassionate nature.

They lamented the negative impact that contestants like Lea and Sydney have had on Maria.

Fans observed that Sydney’s behavior had negatively impacted the atmosphere in the house, suggesting that Lea’s actions might be influenced by Sydney’s influence, as she wasn’t initially perceived as a mean-spirited individual.

A critic of Lea commented on her behavior, suggesting that if she truly had confidence in her relationship with Joey, she wouldn’t feel the need to fabricate stories about Maria.

Another fan criticized Lea’s priorities, remarking that she seemed more concerned about her perceived friendship with another contestant than her genuine connection with Joey.

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