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Who Is Denise Coleman? Vince Coleman Wife & Kids From Two Marriage

Vince Coleman wife, Denise Coleman, widely recognized for her philanthropic efforts, is a devoted better half and mother who provides constant support to her family.

Retired American baseball player Vince Coleman, born September 22, 1961, gained prominence in American Major League Baseball (MLB) during his time with the baseball team St. Louis Cardinals.

He holds the distinction of being the only player in history to achieve the milestone of stealing 100 or more bases in three consecutive seasons: 1985 (110), 1986 (107), and 1987 (109).

American Former Major League Baseball Player, Vince Coleman
American Former Major League Baseball Player Vince Coleman (Source: Aronmilesfastball)

Coleman made an impressive start to his baseball journey, setting the all-time stolen base record in a single season for Florida A&M.

He was then drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 10th round of the 1982 Major League Baseball draft. His primary role as a left fielder spanned from 1985 to 1997.

Serving as a baserunning consultant for the Chicago White Sox in 2015, Vince Coleman later became a minor-league baserunning and outfield coach with the San Francisco Giants in 2017.

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Vince Coleman Wife: Who Is Denise Coleman?

Vince Coleman has been married twice so far. His first marriage ended in divorce, but his second marriage is flourishing and solid.

Vince and his first wife, Lynette Cecilia Allen, exchanged vows in 1987. Together, they were blessed with two kids, Vince Jr. and Lance.

Vince and Lynette divorced after a few years of marriage, citing undisclosed reasons for their separation.

Following his divorce, Vince exchanged vows with his second wife, Denise Coleman, in a Hawaii ceremony attended by renowned athletes like Barry Bonds, Michael Jordan, and Charles Barkley.

Vince Coleman And His Wife Denise Coleman
Vince Coleman And His Wife Denise Coleman (Source: Rethnea)

While the precise date of their marriage remains unknown, it is established that Vince and Denise are high school sweethearts.

Their paths first crossed during Vince’s time at William M. Raines High School in Jacksonville, Florida.

The happily married couple finds fulfillment in their roles as parents to two children. Despite this, they opt to keep details about their children out of the limelight.

Vince and Denise frequently participate in the UCSF Health Celebrity Golf Classic, an event endorsed by the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which raises millions for research into diseases like Parkinson’s.

During the August 22 episode of “Celebrity Family Feud,” the Coleman couple showcased their presence on television, joining the show hosted by Steve Harvey.

Denise Coleman is known as the devoted and supportive wife of MLB legend Vince Coleman, and her recognition largely stems from her association with him.

She remains a committed wife, focused on family responsibilities, while Vince attends to his MLB commitments.

However, Denise has maintained a low profile, avoiding media interactions and refraining from disclosing personal details.

She remains in a committed relationship with Vince but has chosen to keep her personal life private. Additionally, she fulfills the role of stepmother to Vince’s two sons from his previous marriage.

Vince Coleman Kids From From Two Marriage

Before his marriage to Denise Coleman, Vince Coleman also has a daughter named Taylor Coleman (born 1994) from a previous relationship.

When his daughter was eight years old, Coleman abandoned her, leaving her and her mother to fend for themselves.

Taylor faced double challenges as she had two versions of her father to contend with. Raised by a single mother, she has now achieved a college degree and manages a prosperous business in cybersecurity.

Moreover, at the age of 30, Taylor has penned a memoir titled “A Letter To My Dead Beat Dad: The Facade Is Over,” where she delves into her father’s departure from the family.

Taylor Coleman Is The Daughter Of Vince Coleman
Taylor Coleman Is The Daughter Of Vince Coleman (Source: Bellezatotal)

While her mother stood as her greatest role model, she identified three more in her grandmother and two teachers, Mrs. Pittman and Coach Fahrner, from school.

During an interview, she revealed that she had spent her entire life keeping her abandonment and trauma a secret.

When questioned about siblings and her relationship with her father, she responded:

I have two older brothers, from his first marriage, and I talk to them daily. However, our father no longer talks to them. He wasn’t at their mothers funeral, their high school graduations, and didn’t even come to Vincent Jr.’s wedding. On the other hand, this past year I found out I have two younger siblings from his current wife, Denise Coleman. But she wants me/our brothers to have nothing to do with them.

She disclosed that she came across her dad years later, at a Cardinals store in 2022. However, Vince did not answer her questions and avoided making eye contact with Taylor.

Despite challenges, Taylor holds onto hope for a relationship with her father. She mentioned that she still cherishes her close relationship with her half-brothers from her father’s first marriage.

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