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Superfest Watch Party

Experience Superfest films in the spirit of community by hosting a Watch Party. Whether it’s online with friends, streaming together, or in person, these gatherings create an enriching environment for shared viewing and discussion. Hosting a Watch Party is priced at $100, but if this is not feasible for you, please reach out to us at pklinst@sfsu.edu.

You can get your Watch Party pass here: Buy a Watch Party Pass

During a Watch Party, feel free to screen any of our 20 films at any time from Thursday through Sunday. The most straightforward method is to select one of our three screening options on Eventive. Once chosen, simply initiate the screening and allow the platform to play the films sequentially.

The Saturday screening has a duration of 97 minutes, and the Sunday lineup lasts for 104 minutes. While you have the flexibility to skip around within the screenings to curate your own lineup, note that this may result in a somewhat less seamless program. The third screening comprises three substantial pieces, including two features and one webisode, each of considerable importance: “Changer: A Handtelling” with a duration of 60 minutes, “Ecstasy” lasting 75 minutes, and “It’s Personal” at 31 minutes.

Read descriptions about all our films to determine your lineup here: Film Details

Ensure accessibility for your Watch Party! All films come with audio descriptions and captioning, and those in the Sunday screening also feature ASL video translation. If you choose closed audio description, inform viewers to utilize the All4Access app for AD. Alternatively, you can activate open audio description via the Eventive platform for everyone. For synchronous ASL translation during the Sunday screening, use the All4Access app.

For additional information on All4Access, including a video tutorial and download links, please visit: All4Access Closed Audio Descriptions

Lastly, share with us photos or inform us of the number of participants in your watch party! It brings us joy to see others coming together to enjoy these films as a community!

Happy viewing!

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