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Superfest Showcase FAQs

Interested in Hosting a Superfest Showcase? We are here to help!

Here are some basic FAQs to give you and your organization a sense of how to get started!

Q: What kind of films do you offer and how do I know which ones to choose?
The Superfest Showcase offers a selection of over 40 films from 18 different countries. We have a range of shorts and features, and films of all genres: documentary, comedy, drama, experimental, etc. Films cover a wide range of disabilities, and we have films appropriate for children starting in 5th grade and up. We are here to curate a showcase that will excite, entertain, and move your audience. Given our experience, we can recommend a line-up that is best suited for your audience.

Q: I want my Showcase to be open to families. Are there films appropriate for children?
We have lots of films that can educate youth about people with disabilities in a much more exciting and accessible format than a diversity-training or lecture. In fact, we’ve done showcases at middle and high schools as school assemblies. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we can help you select the perfect films for your audience.

Q: When should I have the event and how long will it be?
You know your community and can choose the time and date that you feel will be most convenient for your intended audience. As for the event itself, we recommend between 45 minutes – 90 minutes of film and generally events are 1.5 – 3 hours long, giving time for introductions and discussion.

Q: What happens after we show the films?
We provide a facilitator and can lead a discussion if this feels appropriate for your Superfest Showcase. We work with you to ensure that someone is available as well as assess the style of discussion you think is most appropriate for your audience.

Q: In terms of accessibility, how much does American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation and Live Captioning (CART) cost?
All of our films come with open audio description and captions. However, we are able to help you find ASL interpreters and live captioners. Prices range, depending on what accommodations are needed and how long the event runs. We can help you arrange for these services and decide whether it makes the most sense to offer them by request or just plan to offer them outright. If services are not requested, no costs are incurred, but it can be great to just provide the services so that a Deaf or hard-of-hearing person can decide to attend the program at the last minute without planning in advance. Whatever you decide, we find it best to plan for potential costs when deciding to host a Showcase.

Here is an example of price estimates for a 90 minute event with ASL and CART services:
* 1 captioner for 90 minutes: $150
* 2 interpreters for 90 minutes: $300

Q: How do I publicize our Superfest Showcase?
We have a template flyer/invitation and once a date, time, and location is decided, we can help create the poster for you to print and/or use electronically. We are also happy to provide images and examples for effective email blasts, social media, and posting efforts. We can also help with setting up an accessible registration page.

Q: How many people do I need to have for a Superfest Showcase?
Superfest Showcases come in all sizes. From a small group at your office or large community screenings for hundreds—we are happy to work with you!

Q: What sort of venue do we need to host a Superfest Showcase?
The size can vary depending on the type of event you are looking to host, but we do require that any public event be held in a wheelchair-accessible venue. We’ll happily consult with you to assess a venue’s access!

Q: I want to host a Superfest Showcase, but I don’t have a venue. Can you help me find one?
We are happy to brainstorm and share any connections we may have for local sites.

Q: What is the commitment if I want to host a Superfest Showcase?
A: There is a modest honorarium in addition to covering the event access costs that helps make the festival possible so we can keep bringing high quality films to you. In addition, while we provide template promotional materials, it is up to the host organization to cover costs of outreach. When we can, we are happy to support your efforts and reach out to our networks in your area. However, if you are interested in hosting a Showcase but do not believe you can afford the honorarium, please reach out and we can brainstorm funding possibilities together.

Q: What makes for a “good” Superfest Showcase?
Choosing a time that is convenient for people to attend and utilizing promotional materials as well as outreach networks lead to a successful event. As noted, we help create promotional materials for your distribution and can help with brainstorming outreach.

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