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Tyler Loudon Wife: Emily Kraus – How Loudon Made Millions of Profits?

Tyler Loudon wife is a former British Petroleum executive who got fired after her husband made millions by trading shares without her knowledge.

Tayler Loudon, born in 1981, is a Texas-born businessman and an investor. He grew up in Texas with his middle-class family and received his education at a local school.

As he is quite secretive, he has never disclosed about his parents, siblings, and other family member at the moment.

Tyler Loudon With His Wife Emily Kraus (Source: Facebook)

Neither has Tyler shared his academic details, including his degree major and university.

Recently, the Texas native came into the limelight after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission charged him with purchasing stock using non-public information about a planned merger.

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Tyler Loudon Wife: Who Is Emily Kraus?

Emily Kraus is well-known for being the former wife of Tyler Loudon, who is currently facing charges in the United States of America related to insider trading.

According to her LinkedIn, she has been Managing Director, Corporate Development at Talen Energy since July 2023.

Kraus was born and raised in Connecticut, finishing high school at the Hopkins School in 2005.

Emily Kraus Is The Ex-wife Of The Offender Charged With Insider Trading (Source: Facebook)

She then majored in operations research and industrial engineering at Cornell University to earn her bachelor’s degree in 2009.

Emily has broad finance and corporate growth background, having worked as an analyst for numerous commercial firms.

She has worked with many notable financial institutions, including California Resources Corporation, Citi as well as Frank’s International N.V.

Before joining her present company, she used to work as a merger and acquisitions manager for British Petroleum, also known as BP, from which she was fired after a controversy regarding her husband.

How Tyler Loudon Made Millions of Profits?

While on a trip to Rome in December 2022, Tyler and his spouse collaborated remotely in a small Airbnb while she managed BP’s potential acquisition of TravelCenters of America, a petrol and truck stop operator.

The offender’s spouse admitted that they had occasionally had typical married couple talks about the acquisition, but she had never given it any attention.

Tylor Loudon Pleaded Guilty To Illegally Making Profits From Shares
Tylor Loudon Pleaded Guilty To Illegally Making Profits From Shares (Source: Facebook)

The offender discovered that TravelCenters was up for acquisition, so he bought roughly 46,450 shares without telling his wife.

When the deal was revealed, the stock shot up 71 percent, and he sold every share, making about $1.76 million in illicit profits.

When he later admitted to his wife that he had traded the shares illegally, she quickly alerted her supervisor to her husband’s illicit activity.

Despite the lack of proof that she knew her husband had purchased the shares or that she had purposefully disclosed information about the transaction to him. Her employer nevertheless fired her.

After moving out of the home and cutting off all communication with him, the lawbreaker’s wife filed for divorce.

According to the U.S. attorney’s office, Tyler will be sentenced on May 17 and could face up to five years in federal prison as well as a fine of up to $250,000.

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