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What Is Troy Kotsur Ethnicity? Deaf Actor’s Family Origin

Troy Kotsur Ethnicity? Troy Kotsur, the 2022 Academy Award recipient for Best Supporting Actor, has not openly mentioned about his ethnicity. However, reportedly, he boasts a mixed ethnicity.

Troy Kotsur Has Been Acting For Over Two Decades (Source: Instagram)

Troy Kotsur’s career was highlighted by touring with the National Theatre of the Deaf and working at Deaf West Theatre, where he acted and directed in various productions.

He notably starred in “Big River” and “Cyrano,” showcasing his versatility on stage.

In television, Kotsur played a crucial role in developing the sign language for Tusken Raiders in “The Mandalorian” and portrayed the lead Tusken Raider.

His significant achievement came in 2021 when he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “CODA,” making him the second deaf actor to achieve this honor after Marlee Matlin in 1986.

Continuing his impactful contributions, Kotsur is all set to star in the all-deaf cast sports drama TV show, “Flash Before the Bang.”

Troy Kotsur Ethnicity? Deaf Actor’s Family Origin

Troy Kotsur, born on July 24, 1968, in Mesa, Arizona, reportedly, has a multifaceted ethnic heritage that reflects the diverse origins of his family.

His father, Leonard Stephen “Len” Kotsur, served as the esteemed police chief in Mesa, forging a deep connection to the local community.

From his father’s side, Kotsur’s lineage is linked to Rusyn-Ukrainian ethnicity, introducing an Eastern European culture into his identity.

Troy Kotsur Ethnicity? Troy At The Media Access Award (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, from his maternal side, he boasts a vibrant mix of English, Scottish, German, and Irish descent, further enhancing the complexity and depth of his heritage.

Notably, the actor and director has chosen to keep aspects of his ethnicity and family roots secret and hasn’t publicly addressed anything regarding his ethnicity.

This choice to maintain a private stance add a layer of mystery, leaving some aspects of his rich heritage respectfully undisclosed.

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Troy Kotsur Family: Wife, Kids, Parents & Siblings

Troy Kotsur and his wife, Deanne Bray, who is also deaf, have built a lasting and meaningful relationship since meeting in the 1990s.

Their love story began in 1993 in Connecticut when Deanne, visiting a friend at the National Theatre of the Deaf, crossed paths with Troy.

The couple later united in Los Angeles, where Troy had relocated, sharing the stage in various productions.

Despite not initially clicking romantically while working together, their friendship deepened over time, culminating in a connection in 1997 and marriage in 2001.

Throughout their enduring marriage, Deanne and Troy welcomed a daughter named Kyra Monique Kotsur, who doesn’t have a hearing problem, on September 8, 2005.

Moreover, Kyra is fluent in American Sign Language and adept at spoken English.

In the Kotsur family, besides Troy, his parents had to two other sons, Kevin and Brian, who could hear. Unfortunately, his father was caught in a car accident with a truck driver, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down.

However, after six months of accident, he started working as the chief of police. This unfortunate event made Troy and his father, who died in 2001, and son to develop their own sign language base on the gestures.

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