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Who Is Autumn Waggoner? The Bachelor Cast Wikipedia & Age

The Bachelor cast, Autumn Waggoner, featured on The Bachelor Season 28, was eliminated in week TBA, adding a layer of suspense to her romantic journey.

Autumn Waggoner, brought her small-town charm to The Bachelor Season 28.

A dynamic Account Executive, Autumn’s career-driven mindset reflects her passion and determination. As part of a loving family, she entered the show seeking her one true love.

Autumn Waggoner A Contestant On The Bachelor Season 28
Autumn Waggoner A Contestant On The Bachelor Season 28 (Source: Instagram)

Her vibrant life includes cheering at college football games, enjoying live music, and being a Coldplay enthusiast.

Despite her happy and fulfilling life, Autumn’s quest for love on The Bachelor ended in week TBA.

Known for her spontaneous side – evidenced by a lip tattoo from a music festival – Autumn’s quirks include impatience with TSA and getting rowdy during college football games.

While her Bachelor journey may have concluded, Autumn Waggoner continues her pursuit of love and success with unwavering enthusiasm.

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Who Is Autumn Waggoner?

As The Bachelor Season 28 unfolds, one contestant stealing the spotlight is Autumn Waggoner, bringing a vibrant energy to the reality dating show.

With a captivating limo entrance in a stunning sequin dress, Autumn quickly became a fan favorite and caught the eye of Joey Graziadei, the leading man of the season.

Her playful gesture, using leaves to signify that she should be Joey’s favorite season, added a whimsical touch to the premiere.

Autumn Waggoner With Joey In The Bachelor Season 28
Autumn Waggoner With Joey In The Bachelor Season 28 (Source: Instagram)

Autumn’s backstory reveals a journey from the University of Missouri-Columbia to the University of Oklahoma, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism.

Her career path led her through roles as a Multimedia Journalist at KSWO TV in Lawton and later as both an On-Camera Talent Trainer and an Account Executive at Paycom in Oklahoma City.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Autumn’s love for life is evident. She enjoys attending concerts and music festivals and cheering fervently at college football games.

Described by ABC as someone with a “full and happy life,” Autumn enters The Bachelor mansion in search of a loyal, fun family man.

Her Bachelor’s journey ended in week TBA. To witness Autumn’s intriguing chapter on The Bachelor, catch Season 28 on ABC or Hulu. Her presence promises an exciting addition to the Bachelor franchise.

The Bachelor Cast Wikipedia & Age

Autumn Waggoner was born on April 9, 1997, in De Soto, Missouri, to her mother, Renee Waymire Bolden; however, the identity of her father is not known.

As of 2024, the account executive is 27-year-old.

Intriguing trivia about Autumn includes her Aries zodiac sign and her career as an Account Executive, showcasing a strong, career-driven mindset.

The self-proclaimed small-town girl enters The Bachelor’s arena with hopes for a big love story, reflecting her romantic and optimistic outlook.

Autumn Waggoner With Her Mother
Autumn Waggoner With Her Mother (Source: Instagram)

Despite her vivacious personality and memorable moments, Autumn’s Bachelor journey concluded in week TBA.

Family details about Autumn, including information about her father, mother, and siblings, remain undisclosed, adding an element of mystery to her personal life.

However, she expressed gratitude to her mother, @rbolden1, via Instagram. In a heartfelt post, she shared, “The woman who cheers me on during my highest of highs and lowest of lows.”

Waggoner’s Instagram reveals she has three siblings – a sister, a younger brother, and her twin brother, Wes Waggoner.

As one of two sets of twins in her loving family, Autumn’s life is marked by both unique dynamics and a spontaneous spirit.

For those eager to delve deeper into Autumn’s life, her Instagram handle @auttiewags offers a personal glimpse, providing a platform for fans to connect with her beyond The Bachelor mansion.

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