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Who Is Allison Hollinger? The Bachelor Lauren Hollinger Sister Wikipedia & Age

Lauren Hollinger, contestant on The Bachelor Season 28, withdrew from the competition in Week 2. Known as the older sister of fellow contestant Allison Hollinger.

Lauren Nicole Hollinger made a memorable entrance on the 28th season with her vibrant personality and dedication to her nursing career.

Born on June 25, 1995, in Dover, Delaware, the 28-year-old registered nurse is recognized for her intelligence, beauty, and sense of humor.

Lauren Hollinger A Contestant On The Bachelor's 28th Season
Lauren Hollinger A Contestant On The Bachelor’s 28th Season (Source: Instagram)

Her passion extends beyond her profession, as she enjoys group fitness classes and music festivals during her leisure time.

Lauren seeks a motivated and funny partner who values personal hygiene. Her high standards in relationships stem from her belief in true romance.

Known for her love of voice texting and finding cleaning therapeutic, Lauren’s unique traits add depth to her character.

Despite leaving The Bachelor in Week 2, her charismatic presence and distinct qualities have left a lasting impression on viewers.

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The Bachelor Lauren Hollinger Sister Wikipedia & Age

Allison Hollinger has emerged as a prominent figure on The Bachelor Season 28, captivating audiences with her charm and quest for true love.

Born on March 20, 1997, Allison is a 27-year-old realtor hailing from Dover, Delaware.

The bachelor Lauren Hollinger sister Allison’s narrative is her close relationship with Lauren. Both siblings have ventured into the world of The Bachelor, a unique and uncommon occurrence that has piqued the interest of fans.

Lauren And Allison Hollinger In One frame
Lauren And Allison Hollinger In One frame (Source: Instagram)

The sisters’ shared experiences, including dating the same person at different times, add a layer of complexity to their journey on the show.

As a realtor, Allison brings a professional and ambitious aspect to the show. Her career choice reflects a commitment to helping others find their perfect homes, and now, she seeks to find her perfect match on a different kind of stage.

The intersection of her professional life and personal quest for love makes Allison a multifaceted and dynamic contestant.

As of the last available information, specific details about Allison Hollinger’s Wikipedia page are not provided.

As she continues her journey on The Bachelor Season 28, audiences will undoubtedly be intrigued to see how her story unfolds, both individually and in connection with her sister, Lauren.

With a combination of ambition, charm, and a touch of whimsy, Allison has etched her place in the unfolding narrative of love and drama on The Bachelor stage.

Allison Hollinger On The Bachelor

Allison Hollinger is vying for love in the 28th season of The Bachelor. She is on a quest for her rom-com-level love story.

In her pursuit of Mr. Right, Allison brings a unique twist to the show as she competes for love alongside her older sister and best friend, Lauren.

Describing herself as ready for a fairy-tale ending, Allison is seeking a partner who embodies qualities such as loyalty, positivity, maturity, and kindness.

Allison Hollinger Younger Sister Of Lauren Hollinger, Also A Fellow Contestant On The Bachelor's 28th Season
Lauren Hollinger Sister Allison Hollinger Is Also A Fellow Contestant On The Bachelor’s 28th Season (Source: Instagram)

The question remains whether Joey, the bachelor of the season, will be her perfect match.

Beyond her quest for love, Allison has a fun side. She’s no stranger to winning costume contests, and she has a penchant for fruity gin spritz.

Additionally, she enjoys the glamour of getting dressed up for fancy dinners.

Will Allison Hollinger find her happy ever after with Joey on The Bachelor? Only time will unveil the twists and turns of this romantic journey.

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