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San Francisco Public LibrarySuperfest Showcase!

MARCH 5, 2020
5:30 to 7:30 pm


100 Larkin Street, Latino/Hispanic Community Room, Basement Level

For ASL/CART, please request by February 27, 2020.



An open pamflet saying “I’m going to go for it”.

Chin Up

United Kingdom, 2018, Documentary Short

Throughout her childhood, JoAnne loved to draw herself as heroic character to escape the insecurity and feeling of being different that came with her condition. However, JoAnne never drew her facial features any differently to fit the scene of a heroic warrior or mystical mermaid. This animated documentary touches on poignant milestones that have impacted JoAnne and made her the strong woman that she is today.


Italy, 2016, Short

 A sharply-dressed young man with Down syndrome sneaks out of his house to visit an art museum and causes a disruption. Through humor and irreverence, this film reminds us that art can be interpreted by everyone, not just the “experts.”

Are You Volleyball?

Iran, 2018, Dramatic Short

A story about asylum seekers displaced from war who live in limbo, hoping for a better home. They conflict with borer soldiers every day until a deaf-mute child becomes a catalyst for better communication between the two groups.

Invalid Corps

United States, 2018, Short

Just Go is inspired by the true story about a young man, name ‘Just” who at age 24 lost both of his legs in a childhood accident. In this love story/action film, viewers are reminded that looks can be deceiving. 

StinkyChickenDog2 (1).jpg

Song For Rent

United States, 2015, Short

A campy exploration of US hegemony, queer assimilation, and queer disruption.Shot on 16mm film and with a loop of Kate Smith singing “God Bless America” in the background, in this adaptation of a 1969 film by Jack Smith, Barbarella Bush joins Rose Courtyard – a drag character based on Rose Kennedy.


England, 2013, Short

A young disabled woman fights to hold on to her identity in the face of the world’s assumptions and strives for independence from her parents, who doubt her ability to become a mother.

Stinky Chicken Dog 2

United States, 2018, Documentary Short

New filmmaker Jenni Funk explores the complex and beautiful relationships between people with disabilities and their animals. She uses a speech-generating device to interview a service dog owner and a companion pet owner and tell her own story of a tense relationship with her formerly abused and traumatized pet Chihuahua (the stinky chicken dog) who is frightened of her movements and her voice.

The Gallery

Australia, 2012, Short

When Thomas Howell goes to interview for his dream job at a prestigious law firm, he isn’t expecting that the interviewer will be a quirky, pop culture-referencing, young man with Down syndrome. However, as Thomas, the interviewer, and the firm’s senior partner learn, the right man for the job can come in an unexpected package.

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