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Samantha Siqueiros Age & Wikipedia: Husband & Family

Samantha Siqueiros Age & Wikipedia? Samantha Siqueiros is currently gaining attention for her role “Camille” in the Netflix series “Berlin.” Let’s learn more about her.

Samantha Siqueiros Age & Wikipedia
Mexican Actress Samantha Siqueiros (Source: Instagram)

Samantha Siqueiros is a prominent Mexican actress, acclaimed for her captivating portrayal of Victoria Franco in the Nickelodeon hit series “Vikki RPM.”

This role not only catapulted her to fame but also showcased her talent in captivating the hearts of children and youth audiences.

Samantha made a significant move, relocating to Miami, Florida, to fully immerse herself in the character, underscoring her commitment to the craft of acting.

Post her success in “Vikki RPM,” Siqueiros continued her ascent in the entertainment world, embracing diverse roles that showcased her versatility.

Notably, she graced the screens in the Mexican soap opera “Sin tu mira,” embodying the character Ana with depth and skill from 2017 onwards.

In a recent milestone of her career in 2023, Samantha joined the cast of “Berlin,” a spin-off series derived from the immensely popular show “Money Heist.”

This move further underscores her evolving repertoire and solidifies her status as a dynamic force in the entertainment world.

Samantha Siqueiros’ journey is marked not only by her undeniable talent but also by her willingness to explore and contribute to the rich tapestry of storytelling in the realm of television.

Samantha Siqueiros Age & Wikipedia

Samantha Siqueiros Age & Wikipedia? Samantha Siquerios was born on March 17, 2002. in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. As of 2024, she is 22 years old.

Siqueiros spent her childhood with her parents and siblings in her hometown, but very little is known about her family.

Samantha discovered her love for acting when she was 13 and became a part of the Theater Workshop at the City of La Paz Theater.

Samantha Siqueiros Age & Wikipedia
Lady Of Steel Star Samantha Siqueiros (Source: Instagram)

Previously, in 2014, she moved to Mexico City after getting into the Televisa Artistic Education Center (CEA).

Immediately, after earning her acting degree, she participated in multiple episodes of La Rosa de Guadalupe.

Eventually, she had her first big break in the film industry by starring in numerous short films for the Cinematographic Training Center.

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Samantha Siqueiros Husband: Is She Married?

Currently, Samantha Siqueiros is not married in real life. However, in the Money Heist prequel Berlin, she plays the character Camille, who is married to Monsieur Polignac, the supervisor of an underground auction house.

Camille meets Berlin in a cafe, impressing him with her Spanish skills. Unhappy with her husband’s unwillingness to have children, her relationship with Berlin complicates his ambitious heist plan.

Eventually, Camille betrays him on the police, leading to a dramatic end to their connection.

Samantha Siqueiros Age & Wikipedia?
Samantha Siqueiros With Her Boyfriend Antonio Arellano Tradacete (Source: Instagram)

Leaving her on-screen life behind, Samantha Siqueiros is dating Antonio Arellano Tradacete in real life. She met her Spanish entrepreneur boyfriend in 2022 while filming in Turkey.

The couple hit it off immediately and have been happily together for over a year. Their strong chemistry is evident on their Instagram page.

They share their travels and quality time. The couple supports each other’s goals and values privacy and personal space.

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