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Sab Zada Wikipedia & Age: What Does Jaden Smith’s Girlfriend Do? – Net Worth

There will undoubtedly be a Sab Zada Wikipedia page shortly given her recent rise to fame following the news of being Jaden Smith’s girlfriend.

Not just a model but a social media personality, and also known for her music, Sabrina Zada is better known by her fans online as Sab Zada, Pasabist, or Princess Sab Zada.

She is a 25-year-old woman whose birthday is June 18, 1999, which indicates that she was born under the sign of Gemini.

The musician is American by nationality and hails from the United States of America. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California, but was born and raised in Houston, Texas.

Although there hasn’t been much information about the model’s personal life due to her keeping it very private, there have been rumors about her being of mixed ethnicity.

With Vibrant Pink Hair And A Unique Personality, Sab Zada Has Become One Of The Well Known Face On The Internet (Source: Instagram)

Given that Zada was raised primarily in Texas, she attended a nearby high school there before enrolling at Texas State University following her graduation.

She pursued modeling as a career after graduating from college, for which she is well-known.

In addition to her career as a model, Zada maintains a vibrant social media presence, with thousands of followers who avidly follow her posts and an equally amazing number of subscribers on YouTube.

The model is also a rising musical talent, well-known for her R&B and Soul tunes as well as her alternative and indie songs.

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Sab Zada Wikipedia & Age: What Does Jaden Smith’s Girlfriend Do?

The 25-year-old influencer is first and foremost a model who started modeling just after graduating from college.

Zada has numerous contracts with various management companies and modeling agencies. She has also modeled for numerous well-known brands.

She has worked for LA Models, SLASH Management, and is currently connected to the international network of Select Model Management Agency.

As a model, she has done different collaborations with many brands like L’Oréal and Crocs which she has posted on her social media.

In addition to modeling, the music artist has a respectable following on social media and is an online celebrity.

Sab Zada Is Not Only A Successful Model But Also A Social Media Influencer And A YouTuber (Source: Instagram)

Zada became well-known on Instagram by sharing photos of herself looking stylish and cute. She is also widely recognized for her distinctive pink-orange hairdo, which became well-known after going viral.

In this age of social media clout, she is very active on other several social media platforms besides Instagram, especially her YouTube channel which has around 52.2K subscribers as of right now.

She mostly shares vlogs, cosmetics, makeup tutorials, and occasionally travel-related videos on her YouTube channel.

In addition to her work as a model and her popularity on social media, Zada also writes music, which she posts on her YouTube page. In 2021, she released her first single, “Stable,” and shortly after, her second song, “Peter Pan.”

Since the musician isn’t really associated with any record labels, she mostly self-publishs her music on different streaming platforms such as Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

How Much Is Sab Zada’s Net Worth?

Sab Zada is mostly in the modeling industry where she has a pretty successful career.

She also has very impressive social media followers on Instagram boasting 849K followers around and 112.5K Followers on X formerly known as Twitter.

The Musician Attending An Event In Collaboration With Off White And Farfetch (Source: Instagram)

So, we can only assume that she has quite an influence on her fans, which can easily bring out different sponsorship deals her way and help her income.

Although she hasn’t been that active on YouTube and hasn’t posted any videos since 4 months ago, her old videos usually got pretty good views, which also adds to her earnings.

She also makes a respectable living from selling her stuff because she runs her own merchandise store online and actively promotes it on social media.

Reportedly, her net worth is estimated to be between $1 to $2 million, given all of those revenue streams and the fact that she publishes her own music.

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