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Robert Hardman Wife: Who is The Author Married To? Children

Robert Hardman Wife: Robert Hardman is a well-known British journalist, author, and documentary filmmaker. Because of his brilliant writing, fans are always curious about his works and personal life, including his wife and children.

Robert Hardman, A British Author, Journalist And Documentary Filmmaker
Robert Hardman, A British Author, Journalist And Documentary Filmmaker (Source: Daily Mail)

Robert Hardman, born in 1965, is primarily recognized for his contributions related to the British Royal family.

He gained his education at Wellington College and the University of Cambridge. Additionally, he shares a close friendship with former Prime Minister David Cameron.

Hardman has served as a columnist and royal correspondent for the Daily Telegraph. Since 2001, he has been contributing articles to the Daily Mail.

He has been a member of the BBC commentary team for significant state events in recent years, such as the Coronation of King Charles III, the funerals of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the Sovereign’s Birthday Parade, and the annual Commonwealth Day service.

In 2022, his book titled “Queen of Our Times – The Life of Elizabeth II” earned The Sunday Times Biography of the Year accolade.

Moreover, the book was officially presented by then Prime Minister Boris Johnson as a gift to President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine.

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Robert Hardman Wife: Who is The Author Married To? Children

Robert Hardman Wife: In addition to his coverage of the British Royal Family, Robert Hardman has conducted interviews with various international royalty, including the Emperor and Empress of Japan, the King and Queen of Norway, and the Queen of Denmark.

A graduate of Cambridge Classics, Hardman is married and has three children with his wife. Robert lives in London.

In one of Dailymail’s interviews, he revealed his wife’s name to be Diana. The interview was about him taking aspirin which led him to have a stomach ulcer.

He said, “There was no early warning, not even a twinge. One minute, I was boarding a train last October. The next, I felt very peculiar — clammy, dizzy, weak, almost unable to stand up. I had never felt like this before”.

“The next morning, I felt even worse. A day later — still with no temperature and several negative Covid tests — I collapsed in the bathroom, breaking a towel rail. I could barely crawl back to bed.,” he added.

"Thanks to my wife, my GP, A&E and a dietary epiphany, I was going to be fine," Robert said
Robert Hardman Wife: “Thanks to my wife, my GP, A&E, and a dietary epiphany, I was going to be fine,” Robert said. (Source: DailyMail)

He further continued,

“My wife, Diana, insisted that I call our local surgeon. After a few questions, the doctor offered to call me an ambulance to get me to A&E: I was exhibiting classic signs of internal bleeding and needed to be seen fast. I summoned a minicab instead. By the time I got to London’s Charing Cross Hospital, I was collapsing again. The A&E team soon established the problem. Blood had been leaking into my digestive system and, as a result, my haemoglobin — the protein that contains iron and transports oxygen — was at half the requisite level.”

Robert thanked his wife, the support of his GP, a visit to A&E, and a significant dietary revelation, he was assured that he would eventually recover.

However, the road to recovery would span six months and require a substantial lifestyle transformation, reminiscent of a transplant, after that he sought healing on the tranquil shores of an Austrian lake.

Robert Hardman: As Author And Filmmaker

Robert Hardman stands out as one of Britain’s most highly accomplished journalists, recognized for his prominent role in covering the British Royal Family.

As a renowned documentary filmmaker and bestselling author, his unique perspectives on royalty are highly valued.

Hardman has extensively covered British and global affairs for many years. Notably, he authored the bestselling book “Our Queen,” which later transformed into ITV’s most-watched documentary in 2013.

His work, “Queen of Our Times,” also successfully translated into an ITV film, a project in which he played a pivotal role as co-producer and writer.

Cover Page Of 'Our Queen'
Cover Page Of ‘Our Queen’ (Source: Penguin Books New Zealand)

Hardman has been closely engaged with The Royal Family, conducting numerous interviews for a series of internationally acclaimed films and his book, “Monarchy: The Royal Family At Work,” published in the United States under the title “A Year With The Queen.”

In 2017, he got praise for his work as the writer of the BBC2 documentary “George III – The Genius of the Mad King.”

He conducted extensive interviews with The Prince of Wales for BBC1’s 90-minute special film, “Charles at 60: The Passionate Prince” in 2008, a project in which he also served as the narrator. Earlier that year, he wrote the ITV1 series “The Duke: A Portrait of Prince Philip (2008).”

Preceding these projects was the landmark BBC1 series “Monarchy: The Royal Family At Work” in 2007, for which Hardman not only wrote the book and the script but also played a crucial role as associate producer.

He co-created the series and interviewed numerous significant figures, making it the most extensive royal production ever made at the time.

Before his involvement in “Monarchy,” Hardman served as the writer and associate producer for the beloved BBC1 series “The Queen’s Castle (2005),” which also achieved considerable international success.

He further wrote, ‘Queen of the World’ in 2018, ‘Queen of Our Times: The Life of Elizabeth II’ in 2022, and his recent work ‘Charles III. New King. New Court.’ in 2024.

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