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MacKenzie Scott Parents: Financial Planner Father Jason Baker & Homemaker Mother Holiday Robin

Mackenzie Scott parents, Jason Baker Tuttle and Holiday Robin, were married in 1964.

Mackenzie Scott Tuttle, born on April 7, 1970, is a renowned American novelist and philanthropist, holding the distinguished title of the third wealthiest woman in 2021.

In 1988, she completed her education at The Hotchkiss School before attaining a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University.

Mackenzie Scott Is One Of The Wealthiest Woman In The World
Mackenzie Scott Is One Of The Wealthiest Woman In The World (Source: The Today Show)

Scott initiated her writing journey with her novel, “The Testing of Luther Albright,” a work for which she received the prestigious American Book Award.

Scott has consistently been involved in charitable endeavors, reportedly donating a total of $14 billion to over 1600 charitable organizations.

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MacKenzie Scott Parents: Financial Planner Father Jason Baker & Homemaker Mother Holiday Robin

Mackenzie Scott was born in San Francisco, California, to her parents, Jason Baker Tuttle and Holiday Robin.

She grew up with two brothers in the household of her father, Jason Baker, who previously operated a small investment firm, and her mother, who was a homemaker.

The family owned two homes, one nestled in the neighborhood of Pacific Heights in San Francisco, while the other in the countryside of Marion County.

Originally, the family resided in a luxurious lifestyle in California, but financial challenges compelled them to relocate to Florida.

In the late 1980s, Scott’s father faced SEC sanctions for allegedly misusing his clients’ funds through his extravagant expenditures.

Scott's Parents Were Married In 1964
Scott’s Parents Were Married In 1964 ( Source: The New York Times)

In 1987, Mackenzie’s father filed for personal bankruptcy, as well as bankruptcy for his firm.

The family made the decision to depart from San Francisco and California and return to Tuttle’s ancestral residence in Palm Beach.

Following the financial crisis, Mackenzie had to take on multiple jobs, including waitress, tutor, nanny, and deli cashier, to finance her education through school and college.

However, as life’s twists and turns would have it, she later emerged as one of the wealthiest individuals in the world.

As of 2024, Mackenzie’s net worth stands at $34.4 billion, and she contributes significant sums to charitable causes.

Her success has not only enriched her own life but also positively impacted her family. Currently, her parents live in Palm Beach in a three-bedroom house valued at around $600,000.

MacKenzie Scott Husband And Kids

In 2021, MacKenzie was married to a teacher named Dan Jewett, which was her second marriage. Unfortunately, in 2022, Scott filed for divorce, which was finalized in January 2023.

Her marriage with Dan was her second, she was previously married to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

They met in 1992 when both were employed at D.E. Shaw, where Bezos conducted her job interview.

Mackenzie Scott With Ex-Husband And Children
Mackenzie Scott With Ex-Husband And Children (Source: People)

They quickly developed a spark, fostering an instant and profound connection that resulted in their engagement after just three months of dating.

In 1993, the couple tied the knot, marking the beginning of a journey filled with profound transformations.

The following year, in 1994, Bezos founded Amazon, where Mackenzie served as the company’s first employee.

However, after a 26-year marriage, they announced their divorce in 2019, which was settled for $38.3 billion.

Moreover, the former couple shares four children together; three sons and one daughter, whom they adopted from China.

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